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November 22, 2010


laura huffman

i've been playing while waiting for your post. so excited to see what you gals did. not disappointed either. knew i would love what you did. and i do, i want some crafty secrets product. i'll have to justify, but i think i really need it to have a well rounded Christmas stash. i love pockets too. will try your cookies. thanks so much. have fun.


Ooooh, a spectacular post, Melissa! Your planner is positively adorable - so many fabulous details, I was sitting here oooohing and aaaaahing all the way through! And I will have to try that recipe - chocolate yum!

suzy girl

This is absolutely FABULOUS! You really are inspiring me. Your work never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for sharing.

Vanessa Menhorn

This is gorgeous, Melissa! I so love your work and I enjoy every visit here! Thanks for sharing the recipes! Vanessa x


Wow. Amazing planner. And the recipe? The only thing better than chocolate is DOUBLE chocolate!

Ale Loiacono

Just beautiful Melissa, the most gorgeous planner I have ever seen! :)
Thank you so much for the inspiration! I loved it!


What a Christmas treat--two of my favorite blog posters with crafts and recipes! Thank you so much!


Well, you certainly did not disappoint! Your book is wonderful. I love Crafty Secrets goodies--just can't put them together in the magical way you do. Guess I will get to work and try. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.


Oh Melissa, Spectular shabby goodness!!!! I must make one :-) Thanks for sharing!!


simply wonderful!!!

Danielle Flanders

OHH my word!! Amazing!! love every bit of this. xo

Cindy Holshouser

I've been looking forward to this series of posts! Thank you as always for sharing your beautiful work.

Cele Schaffer

This is SO YUMMY!! We MUST see the rest of the pages when you have time...Thank you for sharing your best "stuff" with us! Happy Holidays

Mary Hamer

Sweet Melissa...this is just breathtaking! I wanted to just pluck it off my screen and go through the beautiful pages. I can't wait to see more of your and Mish's creations!

Elizabeth S.

Oh, I love this! Love the shabby look. Can't wait to see what else you and Mish have planned.
Thanks for the recipe.

Chris Dodaj

What a sweet little planner, Melis - it's just stunning! Looking forward to trying that recipe too!

Patty O'Malley

Oh,Melissa, this is just stunning! I love looking at all the many details. I'm just in awe!

Janice Marcham

What can I say Melissa! Simply gorgeous! I've been over the post numerous times. I might just be up all night!


Hi Melissa...remember me? I dropped by to tell you that I follow your blog as a lurker. I know...I am kinda chicken that way. I have watched you grow in your craft to be a "shining star" and I am so pleased and proud of you! I wish you and your family a "Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!"

Love ya, Glee

Vicki Chrisman

How darn adorable! LOVE this!

Linda Duke

Beautiful Melissa... Love my items I purchased from you. Hugs

Patty M

Swoon!!!! I stopped by earlier but didn't have a minute to leave a comment. One of my favorite little books you've made. I will definitely be trying one of my own before the holidays are in full swing. Wish I had time to make one for all my dear ones. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Patty

Carol R

Gorgeous! So many wonderful ideas have been presented. Beautiful pages and I love the pockets! Thank you for the delicious sounding recipe too! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Julie Campbell

So beautiful, Melissa! Each page a new all the detail and attention you add...just perfect!

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your sweet family...


Alice W.

this is so beautiful and fun, Melissa! i love all the pockets and envelopes. makes me think that i'll find some little treasures in each of them. such a wonderful project. thanks for sharing!

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