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November 17, 2010



Hi Melissa,
I hope everything is okay and whatever the situation is that is will work out well. I love the story of the egg and the kitten. The name Flour is too funny! Very creative!
Thanks for sharing the beautiful card. I love to escape a hectic day and see the beautiful creations on your blog.
Take care,

Deb Zaremba


I hope that everything is ok. Life truly is an amazing journey. You give so much to us with your beautiful work and words. Thank you. I hope that everything works out for you.

Your card is just stunning.

Thanks again.

Lisa Dolson

Hi Melissa,

Your card is wonderful. I love how you can combine so many different elements on one little piece of card stock.

I've been enjoying your Henny and Penny stories. Hen's are such nosy creatures. They always make me smile when I go out to the chicken coup. I'm so glad your little one is enjoying them too. Her kitty names are a crack up.

I'll be thinking of you and hoping you get through this bump in the road.



Just sending you a hug this case you need it.
Thank you for the inspiration, as always.


What a sweet & loving story about
a precious little girl and
"flour." That name is so cute
and unique for sure! Love your
card as always. Thanks for sharing. You brighten each day for

Viola Mahr

Thank you for sharing, Melis! Your card is beautiful (as always!) .. And your little Sierra is a sweetie... how I wish I were her big sister! :)


laura huffman

so glad her adventure was a success. so nice to feel the love at home, and to be able to share it as she did.

Kathy Martin

Gorgeous! Love the Kraft tag!

Patty O'Malley

Love your stories and look forward to them. Love the shabby chic look of the card. Wishing you all the best!


Love your stories; you blog is not just a creative blog. It's much much more than that.... I can learn a lot from you; in many ways..

And the heard is before....another jewel!

You're having much on your mind; I hope you can sort things out and everything is well with you and your beloved ones. Thinking of you...

Elizabeth S.

Hope all is well and sending you hugs!
Your card is so BEAUTIFUL!
What a great little story about the kitten. Love reading your stories.
Glad to hear the egg came home safely!

rebekah f

you are such a wonderful story teller...its lovely to have a glimpse into your life, we feel privileged that you share it with us.I hope that whatever is weighing on your mind will pass..we are here for you. and await more beautiful creations. Thanks so much for sharing!
Thinking of you..


oooh, i love your cards and deko sooo much. your're so talented and inspiring.

Felicitas from Germany

Troy Louise

Thanks for the beautiful project & beautiful story of your little one. Hope our cyber hugs help ease your mind.

Jerilynn Olson

Well "Flour" certainly is very unique. My two daughters weren't as creative. My oldest (who is now 24) named our first male cat "Kitty". Her favorite stuffed animal is named "Bunny" and our first dog was named "Puppy" so I think "Flour" is a wonderful name for your kitten.

You certainly are gifted in the paper arts category. How you can look at a pile of supplies and create such a wonderful card day after day. I still have a pile of stuff on my table and I know hidden in there is a great creation but I just don't see it. My mind is way too clutter with all the other stuff that "has" to get done. Creativity is just on the back burner till after the holidays now I'm afraid. You are lucky to have the time to get to be creative every day. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Alice W.

beautiful card. again, so fun to see all the details you put in. and awww.... she even thought of the little kitten's feeling. how sweet! your little girl is so thoughtful. thanks for making me smile! =)


"Flour" what a great name! Kids do the darndest things! Love your stories, thanks for sharing!


This is so gorgeous !!!
I love your cards !


very beautiful card

Lea Lawson

First off...this card is just stunning. I love how well you combine all those different but beautiful accents and make them at home with each other.

And your little girl just seems SO cute and sweet. I love to read about her on your blog! Glad the egg made it home safely! ♥♥♥


I live for your posts!

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