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November 13, 2010


Stamp Enjoy

fabulous !


Melis you are my all time fav inspirational source! Please don't ever stop what you're doing right now.
I'm so so inspired!! Love love all your beautiful creations!! ;)


Sherrie T

Betsy, I'm sorry I've never taken the time to comment before but I've been following your blog for a couple of months and I'm always amazed how beautiful EVERYTHING is that you create. Thank you for sharing your talents and being so inspiring.

Karen W

Just amazing, I love the banner also and everything you do!!

laura huffman

eye candy. just keep taking it all in.

jan m

How stunning! She is just beautiful in black!!


Stunning! Love the black, cream and pink combo. The little dress form stamp is a perfect fit for your shabby chic style. :)

Marlene (cards4u)

Simply wonderful - what a great combo of elements!

Viola Mahr

Wowwweee! Melis! This is fabulous! another hole in my pocket, BECAUSE of you (yep I wouldn't have thought anything of this set, until I came along here to my favorite designer's blog...) sigh.. I have to thank you for keeping my creative juices flowing! You're fabulous!


Diane Jaquay

utterly and completely FABULOUS!!! I do so adore your style :)


love your ideas for the new stamp sets - i'm thinkin i'll have to get all of them! such a great price for such great stamps! thank you for always showing us something different and pretty.


Oh Melissa, this is beautiful! I don't know how you do it, but you always make things unique and fabulous.


I have a network of wonderful ladies that have helped my mum and me along the way, and nothing would be better than these. Of course mine will come out nothing like yours (no matter how I try), but thank you for the inspiration.

Nancy Thomas

So beautiful in all their vintage goodness. I am loving that stamp and die and you showcased them beautifully.

sharon wheet

Melissa, you are wonderful! I am always amazed and delighted with your creations! You are truly talented, and your eye for detail is atonishing! TFS

Marlou McAlees

Hi Melissa, not been blogging for a long time, but back at it again :} I have missed your amazing creations, these are totally gorgeous xx

rebekah f

beautiful. i always look forward to your PTI posts the most...I love your take on them.. simply fantastic!


Your PTI posts are always filled with stunning creations. this one too. Eveything is perfect, colors, design, embellishments.
Love, love, love it!


I wasn't interested in this set at all until I saw what you have done with it. I love the black paper you used and the look of all of it. It's good to recall just how lovely pink and black can be together. Thank you for your beautiful inspiration.

Becky Elliott

Melissa, your blog and your creations make my heart smile! How I love to scroll through it every day and immerse myself in the beauty I find there!! Thanks so much for sharing your heart and your sweet creations with us!


This is gorgeous!


Stunning as usual. The dress form stamp and die were at the top of my PTI order this month, and you've taken them to a higher dimension. Congratulations.


I love those frames! The dress form card and the "treasure" card
are just stunning!! I LOVE how you
use "music" in so many of your
creations. Do you have a small
stamp of music or just cut from a
large stamp? I must start doing
that - I'm a pianist so I really
Love it! It adds so much to your
unique work! Thanks as always for
sharing one of your loves!

Alice W.

gorgeous project, Melissa! so pretty and elegant. i love them!


Fabulous, beautiful cards!!
so inspiring!!

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