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December 29, 2010


Patty O'Malley

Enjoy these days! What a lovely surprise from your husband! I agree with you about saving and using every scrap of those beautiful papers. Love the card.


I'm smiling at your last two gifts. My sweet hubby surprised me with a special new camera and THAT very same book! :)
your creations are always SO lovely--i don't always comment--in fact I think this is the very first time I have! I ALWAYS love looking at your creations!

Viola Mahr

What wonderful gifts! That camera is especially adorable with the bow around it. You make everything pretty! And of course that card is perfect, when it uses the stamps you designed... happy... I need to get myself a set!

Patty M

What a sweet hubby...hope you have a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to see what the New Year has in store for you. btw...I just got my Love Lives Here stamps and am already in love with them. I made a card for my sister that I'm hoping to post tomorrow. In classic Melissa style...I am definitely smitten!


What an artist you are. I love love love your work. Nobody can create like you do and it brings me a lot of joy because you inspire me and a lot of other people.
I wish you all the best in a new year !
Kind regards, Frida


Wow Melissa, such a wonderful gift, I am sure you and Clara will have fab times together!! Your card, as always, is delicious...I adore the stamp set and dies and can't wait for mine to arrive...just a little something I treated myself to for Christmas !! Thank you for your wonderful inspiration and wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year.

laura huffman

sweet gifts. love the card. i enjoy reading and receiving books at Christmas, cuddling up and relaxing. so nice. glad your holiday was so special. happy new year.

Theresa from Virginia

Clara is quite eye-catching with that pretty pink bow! Enjoy her in good times and good health!

Happiest of New Years to you and your family!

Jean Martin

Melissa I love how "ice" your projects like that! What do you use? Is that coarse glitter or mica? The card is sooo beautiful. I can't wait for my stamp set to arrive!


Funny my hubby got the same camera from Santa =) card is beautiful!! cant wait to see your new goodies for 2011!


Isn't it wonderful how magical children make Christmas. Their sweet innocence and delight as the smallest things is such a blessing. Your card is beautiful as usual. Love the sparkly frosting and the sweet house. Wahoo your "Clara" is one fabulous gift!! Im sure it will be such a fun new gift to use. :) New Years blessings


Aww the sweet sound of a Canon camera clicking away! My sweet husband gave me an xti a couple of years ago. I love it and so will you!


I could sure save a lot of money if I never peeked here - everything you use, I HAVE to have! LOL
...Sadly, my creations are never as beautiful as yours.
Love your blog - thank you for the constant inspiration!


How can Idescribe your card? I always write the same but I can't come up with something else. This is beauty; pure beauty!
Enjoy your new camera; what a lovely gift. And there is nothing better than stay inside, stay warm and reading a good book!

Alice W.

love your sweet card and such a wonderful gift from your husband! so glad that you are enjoying the holidays. stay warm and all the best wishes for 2011! =)


Kind of had a feeling Mr. Phillips was going to hit a homerun in the present department. Alright, now that I have secured my "man" card with a sports reference may I say that card is the sweetest in every sense of the word.


Melissa, thanks for sharing what an up lifting book..i can see why you opened the book!!

thanks for sharing!!

Melissa from Naches, WA

Tracey McNeely

I love your work Melissa and you definitely have a signature style. I can pick it out anywhere. Always glittery and magical. This stamp set and its dies speak volumes to your style. Thanks for the constant inspiration!

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