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January 21, 2011



OH my! This post made me cry and made me dream of my own grandmothers, long gone. My father has many manurisms(sp?) of my Gram. Sometimes he does them and I will see her. It always brings tears to my eyes. You have such a loving soul, Melissa. Thanks for sharing it with us!!!!!! As always your creations are so very beautiful.

Viola Mahr

oh how awesomely sweet!! your grandmas, memories, cards, and all are so beautiful...
and I so love the pincushions you've created.. pure sweetness! :)

Jan m

Happy Valentine's Day you sweet, sweet woman!! So wish I could express my thoughts the way you do and convey the family riches to my cherubs!

nancy jane

There is such beauty to be found on your blog, both in your paper/fabric creations as well as in your words. Your writing reminds me of Victoria magazine in how it is able to paint lovely thoughts and evoke warm memories, such as you did with your grandmas.
My prayers are with you as Sierra goes into surgery. As a parent whose daughter has had several surgeries, know that Sierra will bounce back much faster than you. And crying in the bathroom is a good thing. It releases a little bit of tension and helps with keeping up the strong front.

Melisa Hunter

What gorgeous creations! It is always such a pleasure to visit!

Becky H

Oh I remember the days of ear aches and sore throats. All 3 of my children had to have tubes put in their ears, but oh the rewards of no more sleepless nights and crying. The procedure is very quick and she will be back in your arms before you know it. I would love one of your pin cushions please contact me at [email protected] I love all of them but Anna is my favorite.


Unfortunately I never knew either of my grandmas or grandpas. They all had passed away before I was born. I think I might have missed out on something but I'll never know. As for Sierra's surgery, my son had similar surgery when he was 5 and the tubes helped tremendously. I wish Sierra a speedy healing process. This is a good thing...really!


I'll keep your little one and you in prayer. I so enjoy reading your blog and run to it first! x


I frequently hide away to cry in private - the emotional release feels so good and helps to cleanse my heart and mind. Your pillows are SO lovely! I would love to purchase one from Etsy - what a treasure!!


I love hearing about your grandmas. Life was so simple and had so much meaning then. I would love to just sit and create/craft and work in the garden. Cooking...well that is not one of my favs. :) I am addicted to everything about the 40's. The ladies looked amazing then. I love the idea of all the handmade goodies. Swoon...

Your cards and sweet little pin cushions are adorable. I am in love with Thelma. Where do your pretty flowers come from? I love the different textures. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful creations.

My son had his Adnoids removed and tubes 2x's. The best thing we ever did. A little ice cream and some love and she will be as good as new. :)

Betty Sue

Your work is so inspiring. I am going to try and make my valentines based on your beautiful vintage look. I even went and ordered from some of your favorite places ;). Thank you! My great grandmother always had cokes waiting for us too! We drank them in these tiny little glitter plastic cups...Ohhh sooo good!

Lisa Dolson

Hi Melissa,

Your cards are just dreamy, and your pincushions are just about the sweetest things I've ever seen. I love that you are naming them!

So glad your little one will be feeling better soon. I was 17 when I had all that stuff done...I remember having to rub a little Vaseline into a bit of cotton ball to plug my ears when I showered (no swimming) there are probably nice little ear plugs. So silly some of the things we remember.

Take care, Lisa

Mini Mo


I cant contact you via your email so I'm writing here. I love everything that is shabby and all your designs are just lovely! I was looking for something to create a banner for my blog and I've used one of your photos I found on internet. Please let me know if it's ok for me to use it. Here is the link to my blog:

Thank you


Oh, your memories about your grandmas are even more beautiful than your cards! But they and pincushions are adorable! Love them all!

Give Sierra an extra hug from me. I had adenoids removed when i was about 4 years old. It was a nightmare! I remember as it was not so long ago... I was screaming so loud that my mommy still heard, crying, sitting 4 floors down...Thanks God, there is different technique of doing this surgery at present time!!! More humane i would say.
Sierra will be just fine! Let it be the worst problem solved in her life!

laura huffman

so hard when our babies are sick. doesn't get easier when they grow up either. i always feel so helpless. glad Sierra's going to get some relief. best of all things healthy and lots of love. will pray for you and yours.
fond memories are so important to have. glad you can cherish them still. love your creations.

rebekah f

beautiful.. simply wonderful.. words and creations together.. such a spirit lifter..
hope your little bean feels better, and in turn so will you.


I was so lucky to have my Grannie for a long time..she died when she was 95...I miss her lucky to have my memories and her son had the same surgeries when he was 5..and he was able to begin sleeping through the night and grow big and strong...take care lil Sierra..


Love your style, Melissa! :)


OH how beautiful, you are almost
poetic. Your readings come from
the bottom of your heart and make
my days start beautifully. I will
keep Sierra in my prayers.

Anne T

Simply wonderful creations!! I hope that Sierra is doing better. It is so hard on us, the mothers who have to stand by and watch our little ones hurt!


Wonderful new items! i have a love affair with pins cushions, lol. How about a blue and greenish one for my boys.....

Jan Hennings

Beautiful cards and the sweetest little pillow!


OH! What a beautiful post! I am sitting here almost crying on my pancakes! You have been so lucky to have such wonderful women in your life! Your projects are beautiful! Best of luck with you little girl!


Wishing your little bean a speedy recovery. I know it seems scary, I've been there twice, but my kid's health improved dramatically & I had no regrets.

Lea Lawson

I really hope little miss Sierra is feeling better soon...she has such a great mama!

And I love reading about your grandma's. Mine are all still alive, and I think sometimes I take that for granted. I need to make a special attempt to spend more time with mine this year...especially my sweet grandma Phyllis.

Your projects are just beautiful, especially those amazing pillows, Melis. How I love their sweetness and beauty. You are such an inspiration!

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