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January 28, 2011



Absolutely fabulous; perfection in evey detail and gorgeous.
I hope eveything is well with Sierra now....

Ros Crawford

Beautiful creation ... such a treasure ... I hope Sierra is well soon ... no matter how old they are ... it continues to grow ... your love and your concern ...x

Patty O'Malley

Oh, I do hope sweet little Sierra will be feeling much better soon! I know having a caring Momma like you is just the medicine she needs. Love this fabulous album you created. I just sit here and drink in all the gorgeous details!


Sending healing wishes to your sweet little girl. I hope she feels better soon. Your album is many details and cute shabby touches! Stephanie x


Prayers for little Sierra and her mama and daddy.
Gorgeous album. So beautiful to sit and look at and take in all the details.

Betty Kimmel

Gorgeous mini album, I love all those soft colors on it..
Thanks so much for sharing your talent!

Kelly Schirmer

Get well soon wishes to sweet Sierra!

This album is the cutest thing, Melissa! I love all of the different shapes and baubles tucked inside!

Linda L

Hi Melis. Hope S's op went well and that she will heal quickly now and have no more problems. xL


I simply love your work. Such an inspiration. I check your blog every morning with a cuppa.

I hope Sierra recovers soon. Both my boys had recurrent ear infections and both have had operations for grommets at young ages (2 1/2 and 15 months). It was heart wrenching seeing them go into surgery in their wee hospital gowns. However the improvement in health (and sleep!) has been amazing. Having children is like having your heart move around outside your body.

God bless you and your family.


Aw! Little sweetie. She couldn't have a better Mama!
This is such a great little peek-a-boo book. So many ideas on this one.
Congrats for your set being featured on Moxie Fab today! Clearly, there are many like me who love it!

nikki schmaltz

This is so gorgeous Melissa! I love every last detail. I'm am absolutely the slowest crafter on Earth. It would take me a year to finish this. You amaze me! But mostly, you inspire me. Thanks you!

Sheila R

I hope your darling daughter is doing better. Having children is such a blessing. Love and concern grows as those precious gifts of God grow.

What a beautiful creation!!


this is so very gorgeous.

Maureen Chandler

I just love your creativity and can't wait to see what your next creation will be! All the best to your little girl - I remember having my tonsils out and it was not fun! Thanks for all you share!


Hope your little sweetie has a better day today. It never gets easier to see your "babies" hurt. But thats why God made us mommies to give them the love and comfort they need. Your album is fabulous as usual!! All those wonderful pockets and lovely elements that make it uniquely yours. :)

laura huffman

just gorgeous, i use that word a lot here. can't help it, just fits.
hopes Sierra's ordeals will be over and she'll be on the mend.


OMG this is amazing. how creative and lovely! gotta try this too lol. really something special.


Gorgeous work!!


I hope Sierra is back to her old self real soon! You are just what she needs... now and always!

Dana Gustafson

Hugs to mama and Sierra...My youngest has gone through a similiar procedure and let's just say she handled it all better than I did! Lots of hugs and kisses and time together will have your little miss up and about in no time!


Hope your little bean is resting comfortably now. I bet you never knew how much your heart could take... or love for that matter.

Love this journal, so sweet.


Thanks for the word on the stamp giveaway. I just went over and signed up. But there are at least 777 comments. Wow.
You did a great job with the set.

Alice W.

hope your little girl feels better soon. sending you hugs! beautiful project as always. i love all the details. sweetness! hope you have a warm and cozy Sunday! =)


This is SO gorgeous, heavenly in fact :)

miss vio

oh so sweet... :) I love your mini-albums and everything you do! and thank you for your kind sweet words on my blog, I was just so astonished that you saw my post :)

hugs to you and lil Sierra... God bless your family! <3

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