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February 23, 2011



Thank you for sharing from the heart. I'm so sorry people have been cruel. Please know you are a beautiful artist, mom and person.

Debbie Marcinkiewicz

Oh Melissa, I just want to reach out through blogland and give you the biggest hug, my sweet stampy friend :) You ARE such an inspriation for us all. Your designs are stunningly beautiful and it is such a pleasure and JOY to pop on over here and read your lovely little posts each day!

I agree with you wholeheartedly -- blogging is so much fun, an electronic journal of sorts to share with others who share the same passions! I was inspired by YOU to begin my blog 2 1/2 years ago! My experience, like yours, has been 95% positive! Unfortunately, there are those few that feel the need to criticize and micro-manage, but I agree with you, we just have to try to not let it get under our skin, rise above it and keep smiling! Blogging is supposed to be all about the FUN!

I am astonished that anyone could have a harsh word for you -- you are one of the sweetest bloggers that I {know}! Please never stop ... I find so much inspiration in your blog -- from paper crafting, to baking, to all the sweet stories you share about your little bean and hubby!

YOU are a treasure and loved by so many of us out here! I'm sending you a little cyber hug!! I'm ticked {pink} that you listed my little 'ol Shabby Tea Room blog as one of your favies ... we love your designs in the Tea Room and are looking forward to the Birthday Bash Celebration coming up soon so we can, yet again, be inspired by the beauty in your work!

Luv ya' lots sweet girlie :)



Bobbie Lynn Duran

thank you for sharing and also sharing some beautiful blogs. There is not enough time in a day so visit all these wonderful blogs. But I try. : ) Love your creations.

Debbie Marcinkiewicz

Melis ... here are some of my favie blogs:

The Shabby Tea Room {of course!}
Create Blog
JustRite Inspiration
Embellish Magazine
Just Us Girls
My Time, My Creations, My Stampendence
Moxie Fab World
Capture the Moment (PTI)

And ... would love if you started up the Creative Mint color challenges again, so inspiring and FUN :)

Teri Suliks

Wow. Thank you for your sweet, encouraging words. I am shocked that anyone could say ANYTHING negative to you, your spirit is sweet and gentle and comes through in all you say and all you create... amazing what people do, isn't it? I, for one, LOVE your blog and your creations, please don't ever stop!!


Gorgeous cards Melissa, as always! I am sorry to hear that you (and a few of my other favorite bloggers) have encountered hurtful and cruel treatment in blogland. Why these people don't channel their energy into their art, their families, or just making others feel good by leaving a comment when they like something (and remaining silent when they don't), I cannot imagine. I love visiting your every post (so happy when I sit down in the morning with a cuppa, and start my day with your gorgeous designs!!!!). Don't ever stop!

As for challenge blogs - I would love to see your Creative Mint start up again. :) I also love Gingersnap Creations (yes, I'm on the DT - cuz I love it). There are different types of challenges every week, and you get a looong time to complete them (which I also love, cuz, well, I procrastinate... sssshhhh, don't tell! LOL) Also love the 'Tea Room, and the Play Date Cafe. Oh, and another of my favorites.... Tag Tuesday at Kard Krazy - all tags, so much fun! Thanks for sharing. I'll be back to read more comments and see what everyone else loves, too. ;)

miss vio

mmmm.. something so warm and snuggly and cosy about what you've shared today! After reading this, I thought.. I still have so much to learn. Thank you for being the inspiration to many of us, and the "teacher" I'm sure you never knew you were (and still are!). Thank you thank you for sharing these little tidbits. I treasure the time I spend at your blog each day!


Please consider that the volume of positive and loving comments outweighs the bad ones. I think several PT design team members must have had this happen lately, and the person doing it must be like the Grinch: a heart several sizes too small.
Lovely design and inspiration shared freely: a gift not to be taken lightly. Thank you so much.


Hi Melissa, gorgeous, beautiful cards. Oh my – I love them! I hope you do not take negative comments to heart. It is difficult, I know, but the small percentage of people who cannot experience the joy of others creations must not be allowed to dampen the very great pleasure that you share with so many people. xo – g


Hi Melissa, thank you for sharing. I love your blog and of course your beautiful creation inspire me!


Thank you for your continued inspiration, encouragement, imagination and for adding beauty to my life.



I had never been to a blog much less created a card or entered a challenge until after I saw one of your creations in Card magazine.

With the help of my daughter-in-law I created a very simple blog template but didn't do anything with it until... I met Amy Sheffer. I've never met someone who so graciously gave of her time the way Amy did. Amy helped me get going and start posting. No matter how busy she is she takes the time to send me a little note now and then - that means a lot to new bloggers.

How wonderful of you to start a dialogue on this topic. I'll bet there are a lot of women out there that needed to hear your words.

May I suggest one of the best resource books on blogging I've read thus far: "Blogging for Bliss" by Tara Frey. Great tips, tutorials, blogging bio's.

You have a beautiful style Melissa. Your love for family comes across loud and clear. That's what counts {smiling}. That's Blogging for Bliss. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Dana Gustafson

Keep on doing what you are a bright and shining star in the world and you share so freely of your joy and craft. Thank you!

Karen Letchworth

I can't imagine why anyone would choose this type of outlet to be unkind. Even those who appreciate beautiful scrapping and card-making will have different belief systems, and yet, we can respectfully agree to disagree. Let us simply appreciate one another's talents and gifts, and use them to build each other up; and never to break each other down. God bless you as you create and share your beautiful art. I appreciate you!

Rachel P.

I'm pretty new to your blog, Melissa, but from the little that I've seen, I'm hooked! Your words are sweet and your creations are inspiring, almost intimidating in their beauty and art form. But keep it up, and thanks for taking the time to share some tips about blogging. I'm a long time paper crafter, but only recently have developed a deeper love & passion for this art and the desire to do something more with it in my life. Blogging (mostly by participating in challenges such as you have mentioned) has given me the opportunity to begin to head slowly in the direction that I want/hope to go. I'm fairly new to this whole concept though, so I very much appreciate your thoughts. Thank you again!


Melissa, like others have said already, I can't believe that someone would say something hurtful to you! I know I don't comment often but I've loved your blog since my first visit. I don't know how to say it exactly...but, it just feels safe & welcoming here. I always leave here feeling happy. And you are so talented and such an inspiration to me. Thank you very much!


Hi Melissa! Just to say thanks for such kind and thoughtful post. I found a lot of interesting information. As an absolute beginner I find it quite difficult to understand all of different aspects of blogging system :) But I am learning :) The cards that you make - are amazing! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. It's a great source of inspiration! kissinia


I am a silent admirer,I follow your beautiful creations daily. For once I cry aloud: you make wonderful things! You're an inspiration!Thank you so much!

Linda L

I have loved your blog for many years and I know at times there have been moments when you questionned if you'd continue blogging and I'm sooo glad you have. I love your creations and your sweet words. I too love my blog and enjoy entering many challenges when time permits. My favourites are the Mojo Monday Sketch Challenge, the CASE Study Challenge, The Play Date Cafe Colour Challenge, Waltzingmouse Sketch Challenge and The Sweet Shop Sketch Challenge. Sketch challenges are my definite favourite so I play with them mostly :-)) Cheers!

Holly Saveur

Dear Melis
So sorry to hear others have been cruel and have hurt you with their
comments.Just terrible wished I could come over and give you a big hug!
You are so sweet and give so much inspiration ..I always look so much forward to your blogfeeds.
They are so warm welcoming and sweet as are your creations and so are you.You are a very warm gentle kind person..thats what I feel from reading your blog.
You are my inspiration and Betsy, Nichole,Maile and Wanda from A blog called Wanda.
Big hugs from Holland.Holly xx

Ruth S

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your kind words Melissa. You are so sweet and it is inspiring to hear your thoughts of encouragement. I'm building up courage to start a blog myself - so far I've been worried why anyone would want to see my creations/ read what I have to say, and generally lacking in confidence, but I hope to find a more stable foundation and go for it soon. Thanks again for your advice, and I truly love reading your blog and seeing your adorable projects. Looking forward to more challenge fun!

Clare Buswell

Sorry to hear about that negativity that you came across. Ignore it and focus on all the positive. You are such an inspiration to me, I adore your work, every precious detail! I also love the warm and friendly tone of your blog. You're definitely a leader in inspiring so many crafters... for that you should be so proud!!

p.s. I love The Shabby Tea Room of course ; )

Karen W

Melissa I look forward to your blog every day, it's always so inspirational and your crafting is amazing. I did find out that the spam stopped when I changed my preferences and I have to approve anything older than 7 days. that seems to have stopped them cold. I also do not allow anomymous anymore and that helps as well. Just delete the negative and keep doing what the good people love!!!!

Patty O'Malley

How anyone could have a negative comment about you is beyond me! Thank you for sharing your always inspiring thoughts and projects. I don't have a blog because I feel I might be boring--I still have much to learn. I was the recipient of some unkind remarks just yesterday, so your positive comments were just what I needed. I love the cards shown today as I always do! That heart is so adorable! Blogs I visit every day, of course, your's, The Shabby Tea Room, Bits & Pieces, Clare Buswell, Viola Mahr.


I am so sorry to read that you and other PTI people have had negativity directed towards you. You are all so wonderful and inspirational. My entire creativity vibe comes from each of you and your unique, beautiful creations. Mean people are horrible. And unfortunately, even though the rest of us feel or have stated that they do not need to be that must be in people's behavioral data banks permanently because they rarely change. So please keep posting, keep blogging and keep inspiring us. I know how hard it is to look past cruelty. I know. But each time their words sting - think of the 100 other people who are telling you that the mean comments are plain and simple - rude and uncalled for!

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