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February 05, 2011



Melis, you are truly gifted. You have a knack for using just the right words to convey your feelings. Your projects are just amazing. I love how you love your family and though I don't express myself the way you do you someone give words to the feelings in my heart! Thank you so much for sharing SO MUCH of yourself on your blog. God bless you always.


Awe....when your child is happy; you're happy. I know exactly what you mean. It's lovely to hear that things are turning to normal. Enjoy it; there is nothing in this world as important as your family.
And your card..well what can i say. it's a one of a kind beauty!


Beautiful, beautiful card! I remember when my daughter had her tonsils was so hard. That was a number of years ago and it's been a blessing! Also when I was young they weren't jumping to remove them. I was SOOOOO many times. Then when I turned 20 they removed them because I couldn't ever get rid of the infection. It took me over a month to recover and it was awful. It is so much easier when they are little and saves them so much time being sick. Although it's hard to watch her suffer it was a sound decision! Thanks for your wonderful blog, Melissa!


I'm so happy that Sierra is back on happy childhood track!

Card is a beauty!


I have been meaning to comment on your blog before and now is the time. I 'call' by a lot and am always in awe of your work. It is too beautiful for words. I hopw your daughter recovers soon. Have a lovely day together,

Colette x.

laura huffman

so glad things have picked up there, and that Sierra is feeling better. makes life that much more precious when everyone is well. enjoy your weekend. love the card.

Carol R

So glad to read your little Miss is feeling better. Beautiful card you have created! Love all the elements and details added to it. Thanks for sharing your inspiration! Have a wonderful day with your family.


So glad your little bean is on the mend. Love your card.

miss vio

ah..such a pretty card.. and happiness for you as miss sierra finds everything good again :) You make an awesome mama... something I hope to be one day when it's my time! :)

Imke Ludwig

Wow Melissa, that looks wonderful. Love the vintage style. Very pretty !


I'm so happy that your little Sierra
is on the mend, bless her heart.
Love your vintage project as, I love
all of your projects.

Diane Jaquay

sigh, this just could not be more LOVELY Melissa!!!! You are amazing :)

Cele Schaffer

So glad your little Bean is feeling better! The Dr's always say it will be sooner than it is-makes you wonder if they ever dealt with sick Beans for days... Love your projects as usual!

Patty O'Malley

Beautiful card, Melis! So glad to hear Sierra is feeling much better now.


So happy to hear that Sierra is feeling better. It's like the light clicks on when they finally are up and at 'em. Love your sweet card today too.


Just darling and sooo sweet! And to have Sierra feeling better...what a better match to have!!!

Alice W.

sweetness. lovely card. and so happy to hear that you enjoyed the day. so glad to hear that your girl is feeling better. have a sweet and wonderful week!

Troy Louise

Such a pretty card - sweet & vintagey - love it. So glad your little one is starting to feel more like herself - you must be so relieved to have the worst of it over. Hugs.


So glad to hear that Sierra is getting back to her old self. All of your pampering is sure to speed the recovery process along. Nothing like a mother's love.


I bet that was the longest ten days of your life. Here's to more days filled with hugs and kisses!

Lisa Dorsey

Absolutely gorgeous Melis!!! Haven't seen that Herbie movie. Will have to check that one out. :)

nancy jane

So glad for all of you that Sierra has mended. Sweet card.

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