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March 21, 2011


Amy Smith many memories......cherish all of them! Thursday night my sweet daughter and I will be baking some of our own cookies for family coming in on Friday. It will be our last time while she is living at home as she gets married on Saturday! I love our time .....she loves to bake....something she picked up from me. LOL Have a great night! Thanks for always sharing your truly bring back memories of myself with both my girls and son in the some helping and some tasting!

Geri Freeman

Love the soft card, Melissa! The cookies look mighty tasty, too! Thanks so much for visiting me!!


Yummy, I can almost taste those. The photo is very appetizing! The container for the cookies is adorable too.

Marcie Sharp

That just might be the special ingredient that makes her a famous chef someday! :) Love hearing your precious family stories- I always go away smiling!


Gorgeous as always! I just love your stuff to bits!!

Feel like sharing your cookie recipe? Those look SOO good! My kid lets would LOVE them I'm sure!

Susie L

What a sensational idea! I know your little one loved this idea - what child wouldn't?!

I love the colored berry basket too!


Your cookies look delicious!! Love the "Mother I love you, Mother I do" Sentiment! Brings smiles and warm feelings from being in Primary! What a sweet card!


Debbie Marcinkiewicz

Two adorable projects, but I especially {heart} that yummy card! Simply precious with the vintage cuts, snipetts of bobs and bits ... just delicious, Melissa :)

rebekah f

yum! those cookies look scrumptious! What a beautiful card! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! It made my day:)


Mountain Dew!! It sounds awesome.. :o) I love your sweet, sweet card.


Thanks a lot for cookies, brilliant photos and your stunning card! Really brightens up the day! Hugs and xxx


OMG the Mountain Dew made me laugh! I made Chocolate Chip cookies Mountain Dew. The packaging of your cookies was absolutely beautiful. Mine ended up in a freezer bag. I'm sure the M.D. helped the recipe!

Patty O'Malley

Both projects are so sweet!!The best recipes often have a secret ingredient that makes them special, so Mountain Dew may be it! I know my husband would love them as his favorite drink is Mountain Dew.

laura huffman

lovely. cookies, cards, memories. baked for my daughter so she'd have sweets to remind her of home while she's off at university. time flies so fast. memories are a good thing to have. enjoy.


mmm those cookies look scrummy (any chance of the recipe?) and the cute little container, what a fab idea :)

Susan Tethal

Mountain Dew!! I love that special ingredient. You are a great Mommy!


Your creations are beautiful as usual. What wisdom dear allow your little treasure the creative license in her baking. Their free little spirits so full of imagination are to often squashed by our rigid ideas!

Alice W.

mmmm.... look at those mouth watering cookies! it sounds like your girl is very creative when it comes to baking. =) yummy projects, too. thanks for sharing, Melissa!


These cookies make me hungry and they look delicious. Love that little box :) And your card? Breathtaking; as usual....

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