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April 27, 2011



Beautiful. I am in bed sick with a very wicked virus and I heard your notification go off sometime in my sleepless night. I had to take a quick peek and I was not disappointed. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing.

Danielle Flanders

words just can't express how talented you are!! love this!

Patty O'Malley

Aren't these utensils the sweetest things?!! I've never seen spoon with writing on them. Tea is my drink of choice, and I have a collection of teapots; but now I think I'm going to have to take a better hunt for spoons.

Susan Beauchaine

BEAUTIFUL card ~ I love it! Have fun junk-hunting!
Thanks for sharing

Ashley Cannon Newell

Hi Melis! This card is so beautiful! Red and Turquoise are my favorite two colors! I crave your blog daily and really get my creative fix by visiting! Seriously, you are amazing and I just wanted to let you know how inspiring your work is to me. Thanks for taking time to share your creativity with the world! Big HUGS!


So sweet girlie! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pics of utensils too! :)


Your cards are so amazing. I never tire of seeing what loveliness you create. I haven't made any in awhile, but am making some lavender sachets that I would like to put pretty bows on and would love to know your secret for getting your seam binding bows to look so fluid and pretty. Will you share? I especially like the look of the one in the pale aqua on your April 20 post. If not, I understand, and thank you anyway!!
You can email me at

Love that frame with the spoons in it! Thanks for sharing!!


I *love* the stamped cutlery... What a fun way to mark your herbs! I have a cutlery bracelet like the one you showed - and it always gets lots of attention! Your card is stunning, as always :)


It's always fun to be on the hunt for something that speaks to your heart. And getting it for a reasonable price or even better...for a bargain :)
I am always on the hunt for silver (plated) tableware and I will never get tired of it!

On to your card...sigh... You have an unique style that speaks to my heart. Your blog is food for my creative sould. So inpiring and! This is another jewel!

Troy Louise

Love your sweet card - I have those set & have never used the cute spoons. Thanks for all the great inspiration photos. What fun.


Beautiful card (as usual) and I LOVE your inspiration photos...some really gorgeous things. No wonder you were inspired!


Love love love the card you created!! And great inspiration photos, I especially love that bracelet!

Marybeth L.

Wow what a great card . I love all the fresh new ideas for this tea set. Just stunning.

Alice W.

so beautiful and inspiring, Melissa! love all the stamping you did on this. gorgeous card!

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