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April 18, 2011


cards by cara

What beautiful creations! Sending you hugs to bring you a smile or two ...


Gorgeous and Beautiful cards! I love your pictures of your pockets... I hope you'll be feeling just right very soon. We all have tough times, but they end quickly. Hang in there.


so lovely works

Linda L

Sorry to hear you've had a rough patch...hope things are getting cheerier for you this week. Take care of you and yours Melis! xL


Aw Melis *gives e-hugs* wishing you strength and hope to pull through these tough times!! you have my moral support :)) these are lovely, as usual from you! i'm really loving the melissa frances resin pieces and am finding myself collecting them all :)


Melissa, you are always so positive. I hope that reflects off from everything and everyone you touch to comes back to you. Thanks for all you do!


Wow, what a treat to have my morning coffee over! Truly spectacular, truly inspiring, gorgeous as always. I hope your day is beautiful and peaceful - best wishes coming your way for a better day today. :)

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I can see that you didn't waste your time for nothing, this are so nice and the mix of color is so pleasing, shows that you are an optimistic person, full of joy and always in a good mood. :D

Patty O'Malley

It's always wonderful to receive an unexpected package in the mail--I'm sure your Mom will love it! the cards, as always, are so gorgeous! I know brighter days are ahead for you. We all get those days but what a wonderful feeling when they pass! You bring joy to many people.


You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope things look up for you very soon.
Lovely porjects as well. Sharing items is such a good idea, as often you don't need or use all of them.


Hi Mel
hope you feel brighter soon
bet your mum love the little packages you send
hufs lesley xx


Hi Melissa, I hope you emerge from your rough spell soon....hugs to you! Beautiful cards as always and i love your packages of embelishments! Does your mum have a blog? I'd love to see it :)Have a wonderful week, Stephanie x


Love the inspiration as always. Hope you feel better soon:)


sending BEAR HUGS from Pennsylvania :D


wow. every time i came here you azames me again. i love your creations so much.
xo Felicitas from Germany

Carol McCracken

Amazing as always! I look to you bring me up so many times, I wish I could help you during your "rough patch". Your faith will bring you thru! Thinking about you...


Very sweet as always... you make everything special. Thank you for sharing!

stephanie b.

Melissa, your creations are absolutely beautiful!!!! I want to stop doing laundry and make them!!! Question...what size to you usually make your cards? thank you for your inspiration.

Patty Marker

You are so right about rough patches. Sometimes we need to give into them for a little while and rest in the Father's arms. Some things are just not for us to know and understand...that's when we cling even more tightly to the promises of a God who knows no other way to be than good. Many blessings sweet Melissa.


Everything is so beautiful! I just love that sentiment on the Cotton scrap... beautiful. I hope you're feeling brighter soon!!


Hi Melissa,
Just remember Jeremiah 29:11; and, pray, pray, pray.
And, what a lovely a idea from a lovely person.


Sending good thoughts. . . and I hope that Easter and Mother's Day will be blessings to your heart and soul.

Lynn D

what a sweet idea! I think I will make some of these for my crafty friends to celebrate National Scrapbook Day! thanks for the inspiration! Your goodies are always so charming!

Anne T

Wonderful projects and cards. I hope that you are feeling better soon. I'm going through my own rough patch and I guess we just need to live our way through it and know that we will come out of it, perhaps with added clarity.

Melisa Hunter

Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations. I just love all the stuff you add to your projects! I might try this for my mom who is just getting into creative journalling. I've made paper bag albums before and had so much fun doing that. Hope you are feeling better soon! :)

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