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April 30, 2011


E. Corl

Such a beautiful song! I've never heard it before.

Love your card and think it's so wonderful the love you have for your Mother.


Ros Crawford

Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful song ... your post is lovely as always ... just like your creations ... a beautiful start to a sunday morning

Anne T

I love that when you say in spite of it all, we are loved. That is really what it is all about, isn't it?!

Marlou McAlees

Melissa, such a beautiful and oh so very very true post you wrote, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and yes, I too would be lost without my Mother :) we are very blessed to have them in our lives :) and as always looove your work, it cheers me up everytime I visit, I'm blogging four years next month and you were one of my blogs I visited from the start thank you for all your inspiration hugz Marlou xx


Melissa, you're a beautiful person ...


thank you sweet Melissa
i'm listening to your song
on this lovely Sunday morn...
as always, the first place
i stop...because i know
that you inspire me...
be blessed

Dorine Ho

Melissa, it's a very nice song. I shared the song with my 3 girls and they told me that it was one of the songs played in the Beatrix Potter show. Lovely indeed. My eldest girl (aged 11) enjoys reading your blog with me. We love all your creations and for me, I especially like your positive outlook in life. Thanks. xoxo from Singapore

Rose C.

I couldnt have said it better and so, so true. Thank you for saying it so eloquently.


Sarah brought me to your blog, because of your sugar coated button. Your video is beautiful, i am going to stay a while and visit your blog, so much beauty and delight here, thanks for sharing

Sue Ann

Such a beautiful post today. My kiddies watch Beatrix Potter all the time and this is the intro song to all the episodes!!! I love that song so much and it is the perfect way to start all the fun Beatrix Potter's. Beautiful!!!

Karen W

This is just gorgeous!!


So Beautiful Melissa!

Patty O'Malley

Thanks for sharing the beautiful video and song! Nothing is more important than those simple things in life shared with others. I have often been the recipient of unkind comments because I work only part time outside of the home. If circumstances permitted, I wouldn't work outside the home at all. I have always treasured time spent at home creating memories you just can't buy. The quote you shared says it all. Love your sweet card, too.


Sweet Melissa,
You are so very inspiring in so many ways. I love coming here to read your words just as much as I love to look at the beautiful things you make.
I completely understand how you feel about your Momma. I feel exactly the same way about mine.
I hope you're having a lovely day today Melissa.
Cerri xoxo
PS, I've been meaning to send you a little package. I ned to get on that. :)

Janice Moss

Life has had me fairly busy so I've missed some of your posts and I do not know about your mom. I do know that you had intimated there were some difficulties you were dealing with and so you have been on my mind off and on so I purposely stopped by today to see how you were. Sometimes life really hurts but you are right when you say that we can use those painful times to reach out and help others. I have had so many painful losses in the past few years (our youngest daughter, then in a 20 month brother, mother, father, uncle, father-in-law & a dear friend), and to top it off, an auto accident causing me 2 surgeries and much physical pain...the result? I am JOYFUL! My GOD REIGNS! He allows heartaches for the saved and the lost alike; the difference is what we will CHOOSE to do with what we are handed. Shrivel up and die? Become angry and negative? Not me! Phillipians 4:13 is a favorite verse...I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! I am praying for you dear friend. You have so much talent and I love to see what you have made, and I love hearing about your little girl.

Alice W.

this is darling, Melissa! such a sweet card. it makes me smile. =)


I have heard this song before and loved it. I however disagree with you about your statement that there is no such thing as a perfect day. I have been very blessed to have had several perfect days in my life. I feel like it is all relative. The perfect day to you may not be the perfect day to me. I also believe in seeing the beauty in flaws. I love your blog and you are so very talented and a wonderful mother. I just think it sad that you don't think there is a such thing as a perfect day.

Teri Suliks

oh Melissa, such a beautiful song and a beautiful posting. My mother is my life.... when I lost my Dad I didn't know how much a heart could break and it's hard sometimes realizing I will go through it again for someone who has given up her everything for her children and grandchildren! She is our family's rock and we love her completely!
I agree that there is not a perfect day... but we rejoice when we have one that is almost!! Thanks for the beautiful post!

laura huffman

melissa, cherish her. 2 years since my mom passed away to cancer. hurts so, but i find comfort in the fact that we loved. she was a very caring and loving woman who always kept her hurts to herself. made sure you appreciated what you had. enjoy the day. thanks for the poem, and as always the lovely card.

Homeowner Insurance

Beautiful song! Thanks for the post and the lovely card.


Beautiful post, beautiful cards, and beautiful music. I stumbled upon your blog via Holly's (Paper Pieces of Me) blog and I am so glad I did. What a beautiful spirit.

xox Rella

Karen Letchworth

I'd love to know what trim you used on this Mother's Day Card. I thought it was Prima, but I ordered a similar Prima, received it, and it's just not the same. I see you use this a lot. I'd appreciate your help finding this cream row of flowers trim. Thanks Mel.

Barbara Miller

Melissa, this is the most beautiful song. Thanks so much for introducing me to Miriam Stockley. I linked you and this song to my blog to share with all my friends. Barbara

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