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April 14, 2011


Jing-Jing Nickel

Just now, today, after all these years, I noticed that your machine stitching isn't completely straight!!!!! I have been beating my head against the sewing machine and I cannot get anything sewn straight, and we are talking paper. My dad mocks me for it too, lol, "it's not even fabric!" lol. I tell you Melissa, this is a huge relief to see, so huge that I had to come and rant about it :) lol. xoxo


Now I want a cupcake! They are all so cute!

Ruth S

Your cards are all so delicious - your post is very aptly named today! A mouth-watering patisserie selection ;)
TFS, hugs, Ruth S

Patty Marker

Just beautiful Melissa especially the last patchwork one...pure yumminess!

Patty O'Malley

Gorgeous projects, Melis! I have a weakness for cake, so you know I LOVE the birthday card bundle! Are the cake cards shown part of the bundle?

Patty O'Malley

One more thing...I paid a visit to our local orchard's farmer's market, and they had the sweetest little baby chicks on display! I thought about you because they reminded me of the one you have on your blog.

Becky Elliott

Beautiful cards, Melissa! I just love them!


Those images and cards are just yummy! I love little cupcake cute things tucked in my kitchen here and there. Great pictures. I read your other posters...we just bought 500 baby chicks and they are adorable too.


Oh my goodness why did I look at Janet's Etsy! I'm going to spend lots of cash there.... but how can I resist when I see your BEAUTIFUL projects Melis - thankyou for sharing!

Kathy Martin

Oh so yummy!

Teri Suliks

Oh Melis, another gorgeous, lovely post... your work makes me swoon... and I love that others understand that... cause my hubby doesn't quite get it!! heehee!

jan m

Such sweetness!!


BEAUTIFUL!! I just ordered sheets from the link you shared! Cant WAIT to create with them.. gonna make my girly a SPECIAL birthday card next week! THANKS Melissa for SHARING your AMAZING TALENT with us! (and the FUN links too! ;))
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


I just SHOPPED with her! :) Thanks again for sharing.. cant WAIT to use them! :)


These are all so pretty.


beautiful as always!

Karen Letchworth

You inspire me to create, spend money! I guess we're doing our part to "stimulate the economy". lol
I entered the Vintage Street Market contest with my fingers double crossed. What beautiful products in that give-away. I'd cry if I actually won. Thanks for more inspiration!
Blessings, Karen


And now I want cake and cupcakes... BEAUTIFUL cards, Melissa! I love how you packaged them up in that bundle, and I just have to tell you that I finally got all those tiny tags goodies last week (HUGE holdup at Customs!!), and I am IN.LOVE. They are just so so so sweet and fun!!! I can't wait to see some additions.... ? :)


Sooooo pretty, but of course all of your projects are just beautiful!! Love them all!



your cards are so lovely!

Alice W.

yumminess! beautiful projects, Melissa! thanks for sharing and hope you have a wonderful weekend! =)


I am drooling on my keyboard and it is only 6:12 AM. Beautiful creations, Melissa!


Amazing work! Love the cupcakes!

Susan Beauchaine

All of thses things are so beautiful! lucky recipients!
Thanks for sharing

Instalacion Redes

So, so, so, beautifull!

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