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May 16, 2011



OH, that is tooooo cute!!! What a perfect sentiment - a card for a boy, sent from a girlie girl... love it!

Nora Anne

How cute :) And the cookies look so yummy too!!!

Diane Hover

Love that made me smile......I love to see masculine cards now and then, as it gives me ideas when I need one...this one is great!! And save me some of those cookies...I am coming!!


please, please share the recipe
for the cookies, I'm always looking
for a better choc.chip one

Patty O'Malley

I think this card is perfect! Love that corrugated heart (and the cookies, of course)!

Melisa Hunter

What a great card! Love all the special little touches. Your bows are beautiful. Cute little sentiment, too! ;)

Vicki Chrisman

Cute card Melisa! I love that image.

Anne T

Great masculine card! I love the sweetness and love:)

Laurie Star

Good for you! Sticking up for the men. Lovely card, btw. :)


I can't believe that someone would say such horrible things. I am not good at masculine card either. I do LOVE this and believe your sweet hubby will too.

p.s. I am in need of more of your twill. LOL :)

Lori Craig

Melissa, I {love} this card...The sentiment had me giggling... Beautiful!


Who said that?I find your masculine cards stunning!That is the whole point, not to l ook like a feminem card.
Please share the recipe fot the cookie!!!

Holly Saveur

The card is so gorgeous and the fun in creating is what counts don't let anyone hurt you by saying such create the most wonderful sweet crads there are!!
And every one would love to receive a sweet card made with so much love!

Ros Crawford

Such a sweet card ... and the cookies look scrumptious!

Karen W

Fantastic card, I love your vintag style in anythng you make!


AWESOME!!!! I love it!

Linda W

I love looking at everything you make. Don't ever stop. Your work has personality and emotion. Thank you.

Renee VanEpps

My goodness this is beautiful!!!!! I don't know if I've ever seen a masculine card of yours - (haven't been a follower for very long), but I can not fathom how anything you created could even come close to being hard on the eyes.. Sheesh! I love that this card is still feminine and masculine at the same time. Great work, as always!

Sylvia/Little Treasures

Adorable. love all the little works of art here. No matter what people say Melis, "YOUR THING" is anything YOU want to do. AND you are very good at it.
It's "THEIR THING" if they don't like it. I'd say their problem.
Those cookies would go good with my morning coffee. But this hop has been true fun, as I look out on to our farm pasture and see the little calves romping in the sun. Life is good.


Keep doing the assortment that you do. I love them all.....

C. Ross

For those of us who ONLY have MEN in our families, I say, thank you, thank you! AND there are lots of men in our church who love handmade cards too! Thank you for EVERY ASSORTMENT, your ideas are beautiful and heartfelt.

Phyllis M.

Great country boy card and love the yummy cookies too. Thanks for sharing.


Really cute. My husband would not like the bow....but he would love those Chocolate Chip Cookies! LOL

Regina aka Mrs. Ham

Great card. Those cookies look so yummy.


super cute! luv it

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