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May 26, 2011


Sarah Martina

Love the cushion, Melissa. :)


so beautiful!

Nora Anne

Oh, I just love your card and your beautiful little pillow! The plans you have for the summer with your little one sound fantastic! Enjoy every minute :)

martine  Van Hee

so so beautifull...



Sounds like you've got a beautiful summer planned with your little buddy. Thanks for another pretty post!!!

Alessandra Loiacono

Creamy is so pretty and great with the camera!! ;)
Love your card Melis!!!
Oh, and your plans for the summer with you little one sounds like heaven, you two will have a blast!! Enjoy!!

Lisa Dolson

Oh, Melissa, your card is just vintage and sweet. And you pincushion is darling!

So glad you little one is home for you today!
School is out here in one week and we can't wait! Then my hubby gets the alarm clock on his side of the bed! ;)

Patty O'Malley

Oh so sweet card and pin cushion! I can't wait to see your new creations! I was always so happy for summer break when my son would be home, too. He's now 21 but I'm always content when he is home but I know he will one day be testing his own wings. :(
Today is my sweet mom's birthday. We just came back from dinner but have a surprise dinner for her tomorrow.

Susan Tethal

Loving your little Chick Pics!!!


BEAUTIFUL Melissa! and I have to say THANKS for enabling me to SHOP at MadebyJanet.. her stuff is BEAUTIFUL!! (I was all chatty with her only to find out she didnt speak much English! LOL!!)
Have a GREAT day.. and HAPPY SUMMER! (we have a month to go!)

Anne T your card and sweet little chick, Creamy. Thanks for the post that made my a little happier today. I needed it!


mmmmmmm so cute cards and I'd like to try this sweet pie

Melisa Hunter

Such sweet cards! You've also inspired me to make some pin cushions. Could you please let us know what you stuff them with? Is it regular batting or is it something heavier? Thanks!

Beth Norman

Ohhh, your card is delicious, and so is that pie. TFS all of your talent.


lovely pretty things to see first thing in the morning.funny, when it gets warm i start feeling like I"M on summer vacation! but when you're retired everyday is saturday vacations! enjoy!


Your cards and creations always blow me away. What wonderful talent!

Alice W.

sweetness! love the little chick in the photo! he/she makes me smile! =) beautiful card and cushion, Melissa! hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Everything in this post is just heavenly right down to that darling little chick!

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