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May 03, 2011



Your cards is the most beautiful I´ve ever seen. You inspire me.
Thank You!

Marlou McAlees

Stunning cards Melissa :) and very true words , it is the little things in life that matter :) x


I know just how you feel about doing your daughter's hair. My baby girl is now 19 and I still get to french braid it now and then. I am glad that she hasn't grown out of having her mom "do" her hair!


Your blog posts and cards always make my day! Thank you:)

jan m

Your sweet sugared cupcake on a doily!! That's what made my day!

Patty O'Malley

Seeing a new post from you made my day today! Love these cards especially the second one.

Lynn D

that second card is scrumptious! a walk with my hubby, noticing all the flowering trees, made my day today!

Linda L

Just wanted to pop in to say "Hi". Your sweet post just made me feel like saying Hello and letting you know I'm thinking of you and hoping all is well in your world. The little things I agree are very for me it's the bright green grass, just cut and fresh from last night's rain. xxL


I have taken a fancy to using doilies in my projects lately & just bought a cupcake die. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration!

Melissa Morrill

I stumbled across your blog while looking for ideas for cards and I must say, you are extremely talented!! All your items are just gorgeous!!! And your name is awesome too :)


I love it, again... :)

Miss Vio

Soo very sweet... cupcakes = my favorite...

Cupcakes + lilybean = perfection ;)

Jennifer Hansen

Our rooster was really getting in his crow this morning too. We picked up 15 baby chicks last night (variety of types). Hopefully most of them make it, the kids are already trying to name them all.


Melissa - it's your little ol' post that made my day today!


Those cards look Mighty yummy!! Those little things are the best of life:)


thank you...........


Beautiful!! Thanks for the inspiration! And yes, thank goodness for the little things in life!

jan m

Just got a peek at your June release for PTI, my heart skipped a beat!!! Absolutely love the look of the garden set!!

Holly Saveur

Gorgeous cards..and can't wait to see your new stamp set the sneak peak looked so great ..this made my day too!


LOVE the cute cupcakes on your cards!! Hugs and kisses from my kids make my day - the little things really turn out to be the big things in life.

My Craft Spot


you are right - it IS the little things that make our lives special. we just have to remember to look for them! just saw at PTI that you have another stamp set coming out this month! can't wait to get it! take care

rebekah f

your scrumptious cupcake cards made my day.. and seeing a new post.. and seeing a sneak peak of your new stamp set over at Nichole's blog:) Very, very happy girl over here..

Mi Mi

You always make the most beautiful cards and this one is really cute. But what I really want to see is the piggy-tails with the bows at the end!!! LOL LOL

Anne T

Yummy, sweet cards today! What little thing made my day? My husband sent me flowers at work for Mother's Day. What a sweetie!!

Lisa Dolson

Melissa, your cupcake cards are the sweetest things!! Love them. I think I need them!

The little pretty girl bending her very sore knee that she didn't think she could bend, my buddy boy coming into my workshop this afternoon after his track practice to ride home with me, the beautiful sunshine today, the chickens coming up to the house to snoop, and a very happy horse getting turned out on luscious green grass! Spring - just love it!

Have a wonderful night!

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