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June 20, 2011


Michelle @ you are glowing


Marlou McAlees

Fabulous!!! I have some of Janet's images too they are amazing :) must check out link you shared , thanks Melissa xx

Patty O'Malley

These are beautiful! I'll have to checkout the links!

Becky Shander

Wow, these are all gorgeous. And the first one is especially spectacular.


these are exceptional, thank you much for sharing! :)


Although I haven't written any comments the last few weeks...I never missed reading a post. But with a sick child in the hospital ( he had surgery andhe is now on the mend) I really had to step back.
And now getting back in the swing of things I stumbled upon this GORGEOUS post. As always Melissa; this is pure beauty. You never cease to amaze me.
I hope you are doing well; you wrote in one of your previous posts that you stepped back from a few DT.
Wishing you a wonderful summer with Sierra at home :) and your family....


Beautiful!!! Love that little pink tag!


Fabulous Melissa! I'll be sure to stop by for a visit at the shops you've mentioned...a happy day to you and your little shadow :)

Lynn D

so beautiful! tfs

Susan Beauchaine

Beautiful Melissa! You never cease to amaze me!
Thanks for sharing

Felicitas Klink

wow, absolutly wonderful!! xo Felicitas from Germany

Lynne W



can you please tell us how to make those wonderful Bows Please O please
thanks Diana

Beth Norman

So pretty and elegant.

Renee VanEpps

Oh my goodness this is so breathtaking and inspiring!!! I just love your blog :)


Your art is just beautiful. I am not very good with this style but am trying. Thanks for the link to Red Lead! I placed an order..! Maybe those fun items will inspire me!
Love the blogs also...good work!

Carla Mayfield

These are beautiful! I love the special touches you added, and as always, your color palette is exquisite!

Kathy Ethington

Enjoy your little shadow as they grow up too fast. I love Janet's art also, and am quickly adding her artwork to my shopping cart.

Alice W.

amazing details as always! beautiful project!

bethann d

gorgeous. i am not a digi girl by any means but am loving this.

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These are amazing! This is so breathtaking and inspiring! I just love your blog.


Melissa - We miss you! Hope everything's ok and you're just busy with summer stuff!

Jan in Tucson

Melis, if you're ever in St Louis, you MUST visit Red Lead Paperworks store. Those two sisters and their store are magical and vintage-y and sweet and very retro!! Just up your alley. Hugs for today.

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