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June 26, 2011



Oh I just love that last sentence of your paragraph on 'Gone Camping' It is even more perfect than your beautiful cards. If that is possible. TFS.


I'm glad you had a wonderful time! I have trouble camping too! This up coming week is the time we go but, my little one has a 100+ temp. and a sore throat. Poor little guy wasn't even out of school two days when that started. Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards. Enjoy your family!!!

Teresa B.

I worked with girl scouts for years and I never liked the camping outside. We always had a building to sleep in. But we always had a blast. Your cards are lovely. Once again. Have a great week.

Anne T

Beautiful cards! I LOVE that sweet little fairy in a bottle!!

Patty O'Malley

All the cards are beautiful, Melis! I probably wouldn't be a great camper either, but I think when you're with family it makes all the difference. Enjoy your getaways!


Wonderful cards thanks for sharing. Children need to get dirty, and she will have wonderful memories for the rest of her days!

bethann d

love your style, inspirational. as a child our family camped every year.. it was the only way we could afford to travel. as soon as i was old enough i said no more and haven't camped since.

Susan Beauchaine

You are a trooper! I HATE to camp. I always say roughing it is a cheap motel! All 3 of my boys were in Cub Scouts and 2 are Eagle Scouts! LOTS of camping but I never participated ~ I always did the behind the scenes stuff! LOTS of that! In fact, being a scout leader is where I first started stamping!
LOVE your cards ~ you never cease to amaze me! Really!
Thanks for sharing

Rebekah F

MMMmmm. Love everything here. good to hear you are enjoying summer with your little one. Love it when you pop on to update. It makes my day seeing a new post.
Have a great week!


You are lucky to have so wonderful weekends! Love your cards much


Beautiful cards! Love all the different color combos, but the pink is my favorite - gorgeous!! I am so glad you enjoyed camping with your family. It is always nice to come home to clean, soft beds and warm water! :)



Coming back home is the best part of camping! LOL So glad you had fun. I am always inspired by your blog and love your creations. So much so that I an passing on an award to you. I hope you'll come by and check it out.


Jan Garber

I used to love camping, but now in my mid-fifties, I find it more challenging! Enjoy while you can!Your little fairy reminds me of when we caught lightning bugs in jars!


It is always great to see a new post from you. You really are enjoying summer and your story about camping made me smile. That is one of things I love about being outside and camping. A child is even more gorgeous when he/she is playing outside. Enjoying the weather and discovering the world around them. And the dirt; well there is a washing machine and a bath/shower :)

And your cards; I can t pick a favorite; I love all three...

Enjoy your summer; I hope that your getaway with your family will be just as amazing as this!

Maggie Armstrong

I regularly check your blog and am NEVER disappointed! Your work is so beautiful. Can I please ask how you tie the scrunched seam binding to get that loose rosette type of effect?


Oh so lovely a post once again Meilissa. What could be cuter than a bottled fairy! Being a trooper is setting such a wondeful example for your little one ~ God Bless

Alice W.

super cards! so glad to hear that you had fun camping. enjoy your summer with family! =)


Thank you so much for sharing even with all the busyness of summer.. Brightens my day to see your beautiful work =)

Teri Suliks

Oh... camping... I so do not like it, but we go all the time to our camper in Southern Ohio... at least I have the comforts of home, a/c, tv, etc!! LOL!!But I love when the grands get filthy!! There's something so...summery about sun and dirt and then a fabulous shower/bath at the end of the day!! The cards are gorgeous!!!! As usual!! I'm so glad you are relaxing and I've taken your advise to heart and am doing the same!!! Enjoy the weekend!!

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