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June 02, 2011



get the boots I have a polka dot pair lol. beautiful card!!!! and now I have to go have ice cream :)


Ditto, ditto, ditto on the ice cream! Chocolate and peanut butter!

Beautiful card and that gorgeous ribbon is so aptly names.....just like the breast of a dove.


get those boots for sure! i think my summer will be less stessed - one grandson is going to start pre-school so i will only have the 2 l/2 yr old on mondays and wednesdays. more attention for him..and one of my friends has a 2 yr old grandson that we will invite over to play in the water wiggle,have lunch with us and take a nap with us! i too am enjoying the cool desert air, and not looking forward to the l00's.! thank you for all that you share with us.


The boots are a cute! And an endless supply of ice-cream should be on everyone's summer wish list don't ya think!!!


Your card is so dreamy!!! Really love it....and yes, I must place my vote.....go for the boots....they will make your day happier just looking at them!


Oooh gorgeous! Dove's Nest? it sounds amazing, and so beautiful on your card.

Get the boots! you'll be outdoors all day I bet you will forget to make cards ;)

Toni Storie

Get them, get them, get them! You will smile every time you put them on!

Marlou McAlees

Well ... Get the wellies!!!! .... Lol they are cooool Melissa :) love all those funky wellies, I had quite a few doc martins as a teen and they were the most comfy boot ever ... Lol , and .... Your card!!!! Stunning as ever xx


wonderful card

Patty O'Malley

Hey--go for the wellies! What better way to brighten a rainy day?! Love the card as I always do. We are enjoying the second day of perfect spring/summer weather with a few more predicted, so I am loving this before the humidity and heat move back in.


Beautiful details, as always
Love your cards

Nora Anne

This card is just stunning, I really love the color of that cabbage roses ribbon too, very beautiful and all your little bits are just perfectly placed and perfectly pretty!
I say definitely go for those wellies! That pattern would make a great card background too! and of course, I am all for the ice cream! :)

Beth Norman

Your card is gorgeous, I love those buttons. Yes, buy those wellies. They are way too cute.

Karen Letchworth

Buy the wellies! Matching for you and Sierra, if you can.


Know what's on my happy summer list? Your blog. I just love it. And yes, definitely get the wellies! They're so fun.

Susan Mac

oh, yes, you need those boots & any food item in the picture; after all, when working in the garden you'll need something tasty

Jill Norwood

Love the wellies! Go for it! What fun to water in the summer and keep the feet dry in something so colorful! I am looking forward to my son's fav - popsicle joe coming down our block in the evening and running out to buy a treat from the truck with the loud music playing! And just having time to enjoy him without rushing off to school in the morning - ahh the lazy days of summer and we only have 12.5 more days to go before he is out of school! I can't wait!!!!!


yes, yes get the adorable..My summer is going to be laid-back..full of neighbor kids and nieces doing crafts, making ice-cream and dreaming...take care..


You MUST get the wellies! My 2 year old grandson (Hawaiian born and now lives in Louisiana) will ONLY wear wellies. He has two pair that he alternates daily. It doesn't matter if it's raining or not-always wellies, all the time! Love them!!


I always love your work a combination of feminine and vintage. Get those Wellies!!! They are awesome (mine are black with neon polka dots!!!)

Alice W.

beautiful card, Melissa! and i must vote on the get the boots side! =) that is a pretty pair and will certainly make you happy wearing them! =) have a beautiful weekend!

Lara Carson

your card is lovely! I love the boots. You should get them, life is short, wear Fun!

Audrey Pettit

What a gorgeous card, Melissa! Love the elegant papers and the pink, white, and black color combo. Looks so stunning with the cream and gray mixed in. Love it!
and yes, definitely get the boots. :)

Rose C.

Just gorgeous.

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