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July 12, 2011


Alessandra Loiacono

Beautiful projects Melis, I love how you wrapped that book, such a cute idea!
And I think I might have to check this book out! Thanks for the recommendation! :)


I just finished reading this book and loved it!

Marybeth L.

Your book wrap is beautiful , such a nice way to gift the book. I too LOVED the book .

Jill Norwood

I really want to read that book..I am on a waitlist at the your card today and how you made the belly band for the book to give a friend! Beautiful as always!

Teresa Zuehls

Melissa I love both of your projects. On the card I like how you layered the Half & Half tags. The book wrap is lovely and love the wonderful idea of passing the book along.


Очень мило!

Wendy ten Hove

What a perfect idea to use these new goodies for a book cover like that, I love the idea!! My friends and I are always sharing books and passing them along and this would be so lovely to add, very very pretty and great idea!! Thanks, Melissa!!!
Hugs, Wendy


Nice card! Good way to pass a book on, that is not an actual wrapped gift. :)

Marlou McAlees

Totally gorgeous!!! :) x

Patty O'Malley

What a sweet card! Love the idea for the book. I heard that book was really good--it's next on my list to read.

Holly Saveur

LOVE the first card so sweet love yesterdays card very much too!

Melisa Hunter

The book wrap looks fabulous with that book. I love the idea of giving a well-loved book as a gift and your wrapping makes it even more special!

Theresa from Virginia

Love the card - the colors are so gorgeous, and I am always so amazed at your gift of layering and embellishing.

The book wrap is such an inspired idea! I have that book in my stack of reading materials - I might have to move it up the line a bit now.

Sarah Martina

Oh Melis I just finished reading The Help, too! (Then I listened to the audio book and fell in love all over again!) Are you going to see the movie? I can't wait for it! :)

These are scrumptious projects! I love the little red hearts... they're like little strawberries. :) Lovely!

Rebecca D

What beautiful uses for the new releases. Love the card and I think dressing up a pass-along book is a dandy idea. Thanks once again.

Cresta Woodruff

Your card is delicious, and the book wrap... so beautiful! I love this idea! Thank you for inspiring me yet again. Have a wonderful day, Melissa!

Lisa Beeman

Love your adorable card with this new stamp set, and the book band? What a fantastic idea to pass a book along, making it look extra special. (You're a genius!) I loved that book, couldn't put it down, there's supposed to be a movie released next month based on that book. I adore your blog, visit it weekly. :)


Both of your projects are fantastic! I love the way the hearts fit right into the design on the labels, and the colors are bright and beautiful.


GORGEOUS ideas Melissa!!

That book is next on my "to read" book... I can't wait to get started!

Pat Castillo

These half and half bits are great! Love the work everyone has done on the hop! :)


Love it!

Cindy Holshouser

What a neat idea for packaging a book. I had to laugh at your sentence about how you found the idea. I instantly thought: "you make all of these beautiful creations and maintain a household AND have time to read?". Love this idea.


As always; pure beauty.....


Love these cards. Is the red polkadot heart with the tiny holes a die? Love that heart.

Anne T

Gorgeous! I love the wrapped book share idea:) Yours is beautiful!!

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