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August 30, 2011


Debbie Marcinkiewicz

Just adore your sweet spirit, dear Melissa!!!!

Marcie Sharp

How nice of you to reiterate that we can use your work for inspiration. I'm so delighted to stop by here and ooohh and awwwww at your gorgeous creations and am usually inspired to go out and make something of my own. I think that commom sense goes a long way in this hobby and I hope others (and I'm sure all of us do!) respect your work as much as I do.

Lea Sorley

I share similar thoughts regarding copying and sharing ideas. My mother used to tell me that copying is the sincerest form of flattery and I welcome all of my customers to copy my designs if it helps them to feel creative. I've even made some cards (and I always forget to put my stamp on the back) and my customers admit to putting their own stamp on the back of the cards I've made, and it just makes me laugh, whatever makes them happy makes me happy. I love your spirit and enjoy reading your blog! I am looking forward to returning to my blog in the coming weeks, it's been a very long time. . .

Julie Lacey

Hi Melissa, I don't comment here but always stop by to see your creations. Thanks for sharing them with us! :)


I'm so glad you have decided to ignore the cruelty of others and continue with your blog. I love reading about your family and you sharing your delicious recipes and your book recommendations! But most of all, your cards - you have given me so much inspiration and I in turn hope I can for you some day.


I adore your blog and all of your creations. Thank you for sharing.

Dana Kirby

Another beautiful post and beautiful creation. You inspire me in so many ways. Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us through your blog.

Terri Moore

I am sorry to hear someone hurt you so badly but unfortunately we cannot change the past we can only move on. I know it is probably not easy but I am glad to hear you are moving forward. I am also so glad to hear you are going to take that copy-write policy down.
I would never copy someones work exactly and take credit for it but seeing that on your blog made me uneasy. I love your work and am always inspired by it. I know I will enjoy my visits a lot more now so thank you for doing this! I hope other Bloggers will do the same thing now too.

Allison Adams

Mellisa, I just wanted you to know that you are the reason why I make cards. I found you long ago and visit you daily. Your cards take my breath away and I study each detail and marvel at your creativity.Your beautiful soul shines through your blog.Thank you for sharing.

jen shears

so happy that you'll be here sharing your creativity & beauty with us!!! I look forward to seeing what you've made each visit!

Karen Letchworth

I think you were right when you said, "you think it needs to be left up to our judgement". I would never dream of posting anything on my blog that anyone else created. How would people know YOU and who YOU are? Isn't that the point of having a blog? Anyway, Melissa, you always do what you feel are the very best decisions for you and your precious family. We all appreciate and respect you so much, and thank you for being the crafty, generous, helpful artist you are, and for inspiring us all!


Hi Melissa!
I often use your works for inspiration, thanks so much for sharing your beauty to us!
Hugs, Jane

Rebecca D

Good for you Melissa! So very glad that YOU are here.

margie davidson UK

Lovely card for Melissa's birthday - I really like that latest line of hers and will pop over and leave her a birthday wish. In the meantime, great to hear you feeling more positive today - looking forward to lots more creative inspiration to come!

Ros Crawford

Lovely creation ... You know Melis ... opening up our hearts as we do when we blog ... means each one of us at some point are open to criticism or hurt ... I know I have been ... in the end you have to just let it go ... don't waste this moment in time on something you can't change ... you have no need to explain yourself ... just "Be" ... you are an inspiration to so many ... that is what matters ... you enjoy creating ... that's what matters ... You are loved for who you are ... stay positive and have faith ... and have a wonderful day

Philippe Rosa

So sorry Melissa to hear someone hurt you . I know that some words said that hurt very badly take a whole lot of time to get over it and even have great effect further on in our lives . I have recently had such a blow . But we go on for the others that matter more in our lives . You were the first I subscribed to , after my failed back surgery and I look so forward to your posts ,together with some others ,they are the sparkle in my lonely life .Love Rosa

Philippe Rosa

Ps Melissa I noticed my url was not spelled correctly , so now it is ok .


Hi Melis,
I often visit but must admit I don't ofeon comment, I visiit lots of blogs and if I see a design I like I save it, to use as inspiration. I copy designs but will readily admit they are not mine, but I don't like to put them on my blog.

I am so inspired by your creations so please don't listen to others bad comments, sticks and stones and all that.

Hugs Carol xx

bethann d

i have certainly used your blog for inspiration, cuz well, it is inspiring BUT i would never copy directly that is just plain wrong. you have every right to have a copyright if you wish, you have the intellectual property, the thoughts, the ides, the muse, etc. so in short... do what makes you happy, what please you, what you need to do for yourself. blessed day my artistic talented blogger

becky h

Hi Melis, I think you are just beautiful..inside and out girl! You have the most giving heart of anyone I know. Your blog is my favorite! Thanks for all of the beautiful inspiration you bring into our lives and for sharing the joy of your little one with us!

tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations

I don't believe anyone has an original thought. I think we all use ideas or concepts that we learn from each other. I appreciate your generosity in sharing your talents and knowledge. :)

I would like to tell you that many a times I have used your pretty cards designs to create simpler versions to send to Operation Write Home. Your cards are sweet and delicate. :)

thanks again,


Something I love so much about your blog (and maybe you remember when I 'featured' you on my own blog back in the spring, and mentioned this) is that you wear your heart on it, and I love reading when you are writing about the things that have touched you - whether it's something as important as your daughter, or something as wonderfully simple as your zucchinis... your blog is REAL, and you share yourself as well as your beautiful creations. And I have really learned from you to take a minute and absorb every day - because they are so fleeting.

And you have to remind yourself that a woman (and isn't it always women who do this to each other?) who attacks someone else is really just dealing with their own insecurities. Hard to remember when we feel hurt, but important all the same.

Thank you for sharing yourself with us - I would miss you if you left the blogosphere!

Lisa Dolson

Beautiful card for Melissa Francis! Simply exquisite!

Melody R.

So glad you are feeling better!!
You don't know how far and wide your inspiration wanders. Here I sit in Oklahoma and I visit daily. I was getting concerned when you were gone for a few days. But know that myself and soooo many others send you positive thoughts at times like that. We are all grateful for your generosity of spirit and look so forward to your thoughts about everyday life and all of your sweet and lovely creations. As far as having a copyright, that is up to you. I don't ever copy another person's work. But I sure do look at everything you make and always find and element or some design idea that opens up my own surge of creative juices. Anyway, keep your chin up and take in all the love and warm thoughts that come your way daily. Don't let someone's negative comments have any power to ruin even a minute of your precious day. Keep on shining!!!!!

Patty O'Malley

I love your tag book and those wonderful Melissa Frances papers! You have to know how good it makes me feel and many others whenever we visit your blog. Thanks so much in sharing your gift and thoughts with us.

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