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October 03, 2011


Kolleen moss

Such a sweet story about your little bean. Be sure you write it down. Those memories will fade as she grows up. I wish I had kept a journal about my boys and the precious things they said and their antics as they grew up. Love love love this card. Beautiful!!! Have a great day !!

Diane Jaquay

Oh my, I totally ADORE this little beauty, Melissa!!!


so cute

Teri Suliks

Oh, I love this inspiration photo, but I love your card even MORE!! It is just gorgeous!!
I have to laugh about your little one's new "do"!! When my kids were young, a neighbor girl cut another neighbor girl's bangs!! Left less than a quarter inch for repair!!! LOL!! I was sooo happy it wasn't my daughter!!! (on the recieving OR giving end!!)
I'm sure she is as beautiful as ever!!!


I love your card, love the Autumn colours.
We are having an Indian summer the hottest October on record. It seems strange it being so hot with all the leaves changing colour.

Your story about your little girl made me smile. My son once cut his hair when I asked why he did it he said he wanted it like John Wayne (this was back in the late 70's) from then on I couldn't think of John Wayne without thinking about his haircut. My son is now 40 but I will never forget it

Hugs Carol xx

Lynda Marquez

Beautiful card, Melissa! Oh my...such a funny story (altho you probably weren't laughing too much at first!) that as suggested above, you should definitely journal about it and by all means, include pics! My "kids" are all grown up now, but those were the days!

Karen Letchworth

I so agree with Kolleen - take a photo and capture the memory. It'sd all part of growing up. Precious thing - I hope it's not too noticable. Maybe a lovely bow or ribbon in that area...?
I miss my hometown this time of year, also. Leaves are changing there, but not so much here in the desert. I, too, followed by love to the desert. My heart is in Minnesota this time of year. Blessings to you.

Becky H

What a pretty card. We all have tales to tell about hair cutting, my 10 year old cut her bangs this summer but only half. But that half was up to her hairline. I almost had a heart attack.

Troy Louise

I guess I was lucky - no terrible haircutting incidents for my son. If I had a little girl like yours w/that beautiful hair I would probably faint. It will grow back though & you'll laugh some day I'm sure. Love the aspens too & fall is such a delicious season. Thanks & hugs.

Patty O'Malley

Beautiful fall card, Melis! I love this time of year! Oh my, I think we all have "hair" stories! I was called up to school when my son took his craft scissors to his hair in kindergarten. It was just a small patch in the front and he has very thick, wavy hair, so it really wasn't noticed.


sweet card. i love the colors!
oh! and LOL about the haircut. It was a relatively common occurence in our home with all of us growing up..... :)


Love this warm cozy card Melissa, the wreath is so sweet! Hope the little patch of missing hair isn't too noticeable! If so I know clever crafty you will fix it up :)


We Mummy's all have 'the haircut' story don't we! Thank goodness for wide hairbands to cover the damage (sort of), lol. Beautiful work and in my favourite Autumn colours,

Colette x.

laura huffman

oh the memories of scissors, and hair. you'll laugh later.
love the cards.


Be sure and take pictures, they will continue to be funny years and years from now - trust me, I know from my "own" haircutting experience.
P.S. Love your cards!

Debbie Marcinkiewicz

Such a pretty 'Melissa' card for our Tea Room challenge this week! So happy to have you as our Guest Designer for the month of October ... can't wait to see what else you'll be inspired to create!!

The nice thing about hair is that it always grows back!! Hang in there, mama!!

Renee VanEpps

OH GASP!!!!!!!! I would freak!! LOL. Well, it grows quick at least! BEAUTIFUL card as always! Love the shabby colors, I might go play along :)

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