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October 25, 2011


eileen hull

Oh my gosh Melissa! I cannot believe how you transformed this box into a work of art. Love the owl! How cute is that! Appreciate you getting this done so quickly too :-) Thank you so much!

Mary @ Redo 101

Absolutely love your owl - it's amazing. Such beautiful embellishments, love the lace, vintage button, heart for feet - scalloped paper!!! Thanks for sharing this with us1

Danielle Flanders

oh my! what a sweet owl and idea, Melissa! you are so very creative in your special details!

Mandy Miskelly

OMG that is super cute!I love how you turned this into a cute little owl! Thanks for sharing!

Marlou McAlees

WOW!!! absolutely gorgeous :) ♥

Lisa Rojas

Melissa, OMGosh! What a truly creative idea! Great job!


Oh, I love this little sweetie! Cute cute cute! :)

Carolyn Peeler

You did such an amazing job with your project Melissa. This die is pretty cool, isn't it? ☺ Love your sweet owl.

Patty O'Malley

Oh,Melis! This is the cutest thing! You have the most amazing ideas!

Paula McLane Jennings

such a cute idea! Love your little owl!

Anita Braddock

wow I love the way you changed it into somethig differant. u have done such ageat jo. lots of grest the owls so darn cute. thanks for sharing and the chance to win

Lorine Mason

How owly adorable!

Rebekah F

is there anything you can't turn into a wonderful work of art??? Beautiful, beautiful I love what you've done. You inspire me so much! Today is no exception.


This is AWESOME!!! I love that you saw right past the suitcase and did something completely unexpected. I also love you created a shabby owl - I think they're SO cute, but I can't figure out how to shabby them up the way I love - but you totally did it!!!

virginia ogg

Your owl is adorable.


Okay, not only did you think outside the box, but your owl is gorgeous. So many textures and fun things to look at.


you are just amazing :)

Amy Papale

The suitcase is so cute and the owl is adorable! You are so clever.

Affordable Insurance

Such beautiful embellishments, love the lace, vintage button, heart for feet - scalloped paper!!! Thanks for sharing this with us.


ADORABLE! I tried the Apple Cheesecake recipe...awesome! My middle daughter and I made it together. We had fun. She loves to cook and bake. Thanks Melissa!


Owls are the rage and your owl is the cutest ever! I have to have one or two. Is is possible to order 2 from your etsy shop?

You're always such an inspiration :) I love visiting your page first thing in the morning with my coffee and I love your little stories about your daughter~ so sweet!
If you could let me know about the owls that would be great!!


This is absolutely adorable.

Debbie Olson

Melissa, you make my day beautiful. . . sigh!

Troy Louise

What a fun suitcase die. Your Queen Owl is just adorable. What a fun use of various die cuts & goodies. Thanks!


WOW! So creative and adorable. You made me smile.

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