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October 25, 2011



Love, love, love that little owl! Beautiful work as usual.


Can't believe you made the owl with the suitcase! So much fun. He's adorable. No one would guess he can keep goodies inside if you didn't show his side view. Your so clever, and he is adorable. Thanks for the great surprise.

Linda J

Shabby? He's beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

Teri Suliks

OMG!!! First of all, I have to admit when I saw the first picture of the suitcase die, I couldn't quite believe it was what you made.. heeheee!!! I actually did an "ahaaa!!!" when I saw the next set of pictures! LOL!! It is absolutely, positively, fabulous!!!!! I swear you make everything you touch a complete work of art!! Who other than Melis could come up with such an awesome idea???? Wow... is all I can say! (well, I guess I said other stuff, but you know what I mean! :o) )
Have a fabulous Thursday!

Alessandra Loiacono

Melis, you are AMAZING!!! I seriously don't know how can you think of such things... Owl, out of suitcase?!?! Seriously??
Lol, you blow my mind everytime!
Fabulous!!! :)


A M A Z I N G!!!
I love Owls and Your project!!
Especially the button work is
fabulous and the fact you brought
new life and thought out of the suitcase! Just GREAT!!
Hugss and Blessings,

Paulette S in MO

Its wonderful. I love to take my dies and make something different from them, double duty is what I call it. Owls are so popular right now. I love how you incorporated your style into the owl.

susan m. jensen

These owls are prettier then ???
vintage look I like (as a senior) haha Susan M J

Jill norwood

I love owls! This is so adorable!!

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