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January 05, 2012



Congrats your daughter is sweet and so is the layout!

jan m

Congrats!! Well deserved Melissa! Your pincushion is another beauty!

Lillian Lumachi

you do such beautiful work... SO happy to see your pretty scrapbook page make the cover a magazine... Your baby girl is beautiful! Be proud your work is awesome!

Tania Angelo

Congratulations on making front page of the magazine with your beautiful page featuring your beautiful little girl! :)

I subscribe to your RSS feed in my email, love seeing all your creations, you are very talented!



Wonderful news!!! Congratulations. She is adorable and the layout is beautiful!


A big congrats to you and your baby blue!


Such a little beauty, you must feel so proud. I have made 'try scrapbooking' a New Year resolution and this inspires me to keep my resolve,

Colette x.

Penny Peters

Oh thats so wonderful! Does she feel like a celebrity now? congratulations proud mama! Such a beautiful page too!

Rachele Funk

Your daughter is gorgeous, your work is tremendous and I truly enjoy all of you creativity.

Kathy Ethington

I can just imagine how you feel, your daughter is so radiant, and fearless! (except for that spider thing) Your page is so beautiful, no wonder why it was picked for the cover. You'll never forget this moment either!!

jolanda meurs

Congrats from the Netherlands. You deserve it.


I love the way you talk about your daughter. I grew up in a house where we were never told we were loved, and I am like you about my kids - they are my heart. It's so lovely to hear you express yourself in such a raw honesty. And your page is beautiful - I am so happy for you!! Congratulations on your cover publication - how wonderful. And stop tempting me with those pincushions... *wink*

Anne Tussing

Congratulations, Melissa! Your LO and your daughter are absolutely beautiful!!

plastic cards

That turned out very nicely. Good job!

Kelly Schirmer

Congratulations, Melissa! That is one gorgeous girl, and the page is perfect! The colors and the sentiment are so sweeeeet!

laura huffman

not easy to submit a piece of yourself. big congrats on the cover. just beautiful.


Congrats Melissa! You so deserve it!


Congratulations!!! I am not surprised at all to see one of your layouts on the cover, you are sooo talented. I absolutely love everything you create. Hope to see more of your work published and here on your wonderful blog : )

Teri Suliks

Congratulations on the beautiful cover, Melissa! I have been basically without internet for over two months... oh how I've missed your gorgeous blog!! Just have spent the most delightful hour or so going through all the previous posts I've missed... sigh... your work just puts me in the most wonderful mindset!!! You are the best!! So happy to be back!!!


What a sweetie pie! Congrats on the cover Melissa- just beautiful!

Rebecca Ednie

Congrats! Please do make more pages! I love it! Can we get a close up view at some point? Pretty please?!


I am behind with my comments....and I just jumped in at this post. I've been following your blog for quite a while and I can honestly tell you that your blog and everything I read and see here is a wonderful source of inspiration. ( And on a regular base food for my soul). I never ever would have thought that you had to gather up your courage to submit this page for publication. To be honest; I really thought that your work has been published on a regular base. And you deserve it. Congratulations! Your style is amazing and the variety of cards , projects and so on and so on makes this blog my favorite place to visit.
I hope you will keep blogging for a long long time :). This is a wonderful place and you are an aamzing woman. Thank you for everything you share...have a good weekend!


Yeah! Congratulations, sweet Melissa!
xoxo, Cerri

Katrina Turner

Congratulations Melissa on your adorable page being on the cover! Very well deserved! Your little girl is beautiful!

Katrina x

P.s gorgeous pin cushion too!


OooH - I want the blue heart!
So glad to see you doing some scrapbook pages. I've been trying to get started again and am finding myself so uninspired. v.v
I will go looking for that magazine...

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