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February 24, 2012


Kolleen moss

Love it all! Scots pics are so amazing. Talent runs in your family it seems. Thanks for sharing. I went and took a look at the vintage stamps. Very nice!

Shelley Haganman

What beautiful projects! You are a perfect "fit" for Miss Lisa's stamps!!!! ;)

Just B

Just wanted to let you know, I pinned one of Scot's pictures on Pinterest and within minutes, seven people had liked/repinned/or followed it. Way to go Scot!

Patty O'Malley

Love the vintage stamps and what you did with them--so beautiful! And look at all those fabulous pin cushions (my weakness)! Your brothers photos are amazing!

Niki Willaert

Yes! I was wondering when I would see Lisa's stamps show up in your work! I read her blog often and when I saw those, I thought they had your name written all over them! Gorgeous projects - thank you for sharing them with all of us. And your brother's photos are breathtaking. Love to see when someone pursues their dreams and they grow and blossom!

Karen Letchworth

Meli: You are very kind for helping promote Lisa's beautiful stamps. I hope she has great success. This is one of your God-given gifts; being able to help others to reach their dreams by being an encouragement through your talent.
Bless you for it.


Beautiful, as always. I just went to Etsy, but your pincushions weren't there. Will be be able to buy one soon? I'd love to have one!


love the projects. I need more pin cushions :) Wonderful crown on EP..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY EP!!!!!!!!

Theresa Lee

Melissa, your beautiful artistry always keeps me coming back for more!
Love your brothers photography - those pictures make me want to be in that place!

Renee VanEpps

Love those hearts and the pom pom trims!! Nice stamps too! Congrats to your bro, those are gorgeous pictures!


absolutely adore the heart pillows!!

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