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February 22, 2012



How beautiful...just the most gorgeous little parcels I have ever seen and having a little boy of my own will know that they will be LOVED!!! You are truly magical, Melissa!!

Melisa Hunter

Such wonderful gifts and cards! You are so creative!

ReNae Allen

Again you have inspired me! I have a new grandson, and these items give me ideas of things to make for him. I have similar tastes as you do, shabby chic and feminine, so have only a few boy stamps. These are very cute and the little boy will love them!


so sweet


Such great ideas, I find making cards for boys a bit of a challenge, so thanks for the inspiration (as ever!).

My thoughts and prayers go to the little boy and his family too. I remember how it feels having a very sick child in hospital but it helps to know other people are thinking of them,

Colette x.

Becky Elliott

These little boy treats are beautiful, Melissa! I know he will feel very special as he opens his special treat each day. Yes, we need to hug our little ones, and all those we love, every day! Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us through your blog and your creations!!
{{Hugs to you, Melissa!}}


Melis, the packages are just beautiful. You are a very special person to do such a lovely thing for someone else. Prayers for the little boy in the hospital.

Patty O'Malley

I know this little boy will be so excited to receive these surprise treasures. What a perfect way to brighten someone's day! Prayers to him and his family.

Barbara T

these are beyond precious!


I hope this special little boy gets well very soon! Your projects and cards are sure to make him and his mama feel better!


You are awesome what sweet little parcels, they would brighten any little ones have inspired me to do the same for my sweet little girl who has been poorly in hospital. Beautiful xx


Amazing...I always love your wonderfully feminine creations but, this touched me so! You have an amazing heart along with your amazing ability to create beautiful things. Melissa, you're very special! Keep being you. Thanks for making me want to be a better ME!


"Hug your little ones big and small" -- Such strong words for us to dwell on. Time goes so fast that I sometimes feel like I must have been in a sleep for several years. Thanks for the reminder!


I don't normally leave comments but this touched me this morning. This was so kind and generous of you! Your projects are beautiful (as always) and I am sure you will brighten not only his day but his mother's also.


Such a sweet story. These little gifts are wonderful and so are you. My oldest had a extended hospital stay when he was 5 and would have loved these.


what a lovely heart you have.


prayers for the little boy & his family. these packages are amazing. it shows what a talent you are to switch styles & still come up w/ fantastic ideas.


How special you are Melissa to put these darling fun items together for this little boy. I will keep him and his family in my prayers. Blessings to you, I didn't miss the glitter one bit ;)


There's nothing new I can add to all the special comments you have received. However, I was so touched by your generous and kind gesture, I just had to comment. I, too, have a little grandson. I send him gift boxes often. You have shared wonderful ideas with us all. God's blessings on both the little boy and you, Melisssa.

Troy Louise

What wonderful little things for this little boy and his mother. I'm sure they will help both of them. My very best wishes to them & to you.


Such a great idea for a little one in the hospital...something to look forward to every day. I pray that little guy has a full recovery, and soon. A beautiful post today, Melissa!

Ali Behan

Very, VERY cute!! Although I have to tell you, I'm worn out hugging, kissin', being crawled all over and snotted on ;-). My mind works faster than my mouth and when I'm talking to one, I often have to go through all three names to find the right one, LOL. Wouldn't have it any other way :-). I hope the little boy recovers quickly and the Mom gets some sleep!

Kimberly Morrow

I don't normally leave comments and I don't know if you have time to read all of them, but if you do by chance read this one, I think it is fantastic what you are doing. I have had my little one in the hospital and know how devastating it is.

Is there by any chance something I could do to help, such as maybe make something too? Please let me know if I can help.

Kelly Schirmer

These are making me cry because they will surely make that Mom and her little one feel so special! You are so thoughtful to make these treasures for him, Melissa! They ARE all boy but full of your sweet creativity, too!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

For the record, my dear sweet friend, you should perhaps consider making boy items a little more often because these could not be cuter! Of that, I'm sure!! I love them so.

Love you...

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