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February 28, 2012



love love love these!!! my fav style.


What a spectacular project Melissa! Just packed full of prettiness. And that sweet little bee pitcher...LOVE IT TO BITS!!


I love any thing with bees too. This is so pretty! Thanks for sharing.

Gitte Hansen

Beautiful work, i love the gold embossing

Holly Saveur


Patty O'Malley

Love how you created the seed pack and tag. You have the most amazing ideas. That honey/bee necklace is so sweet (no pun intended)!

Marlene (cards4u)

So classy - great combo of elements!! I have the bee set and the seed packet is om my wish list and now it might have to go in my shopping cart : )

Renee VanEpps

Oh this seed package is so delightful, I can't decide what part about it I like more.. that gold embossing is a perfect touch, you are so masterful with color combos! Great bee stamp! Hey - that could be a name a stamp company that you could start!!! LilyBean's HoneyBee! LOL Or if you started putting together your own hand-picked card kits and sold them to us :) Then I'd be in heaven!

rose christopher

Love, love the colors you chose. These are adorable!!!


Love this! It looks like a gift card would fit right in there:)


A lot of your cards have a place in my heart. And if you don't mind I'll add this bag and tag too :). These bees....sigh...
It's a gorgeous color scheme; I love neutrals and black and that touch of gold;wow! Precious, priceless and perfect...

Troy Louise

Love your bee seed packet - looks great on the brown sack. I have that darling little pitcher & it is too cute. Fun to see it featured online. Have a wonderful day.


Oh how wonderful! I just love these. Thank you for sharing and buzzing around!


Oh, I just *love* the "Come Little Bees" quote!!!!!

This project is so cool - I love the seed packet from the paper bag, it looks awesome!

Melinda Wharton

Love this! I am a sucker for bee images too!


Hi Melissa!

I am just continually amazed by your designs! They are utter delight and perfection, with incredible attention to detail. Each one is a little masterpiece, and makes me just want to run back to my studio and make something with paper!! Thank you for all the inspiration you give through your lovely creations. They are always a joy to behold.

Have a wonderful day!

jan m

Fabulous! These are some of my favorite sets to work with! Love the bee theme, and you too!

Sharon Field

Lovely, lovely projects... the pendant is gorgeous, would love to add a tiny sterling bee to it!

Pat Jones

Any idea where the little bee pitcher came from? I’m in love with it!

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