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February 04, 2012


Patty O'Malley

These little birds and the boxes are so adorable! I love everything Melissa Frances and you always come up with fabulous ways to showcase the products. I enjoyed reading this touching story. How true! Beauty most certainly come from within.

Chris Franco

Love these little birds and what you've done with them. It's a great story - one I need to share with my 15 year old's very easy to lose focus on what is truly important!


lovely story..thank you for sharing

Kolleen moss

Thank you for the beautiful creations. Also, thank you for the story. A great reminder of how to give to others while on this earth. A heartwarming reminder. I ran across, earlier this week, a quote from your website that was posted a while back. It was talking about the home as being a sacred haven for the family. Your words earlier today reflect that both you and your Mom take that and apply it very seriously with lots of love. I appreciate the beauty of your creations and the inspiration they give me every time I visit. God Bless you and your family!

Evgenia Petzer


Sharon Lee

Hi Melissa...I just love your blog...thanks for sharing your creations with us. FYI, 2 peas has the glubers 50% off right now!!

Toni Storie

Thank you for sharing that story, it is a very good reminder. Sometimes when I read posts from ladies who design for prominent companies, I put them on somewhat of a pedastal (a dangerous place for everyone)and it was nice to hear about your day as we probably have much more in common than I was thinking. Then your story just solidified the error of my thinking. Thank you for the gentle correction today.


Thanks for sharing the gospel in your blog. I admire you for that.


And of course I love your creations too!!!

Troy Louise

Thank you for sharing your beautiful projects & the beautiful story. Hugs.


Every project that you create turns out a precious keepsake. A handmade gem. The way you "dressup"a tin leaves me in awe. And that bird; wow.
Gorgeous Melissa!

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