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April 16, 2012


Kathy K.

That top picture made me laugh out loud. I want to reach out and give him an apple. And your cards are so pretty. Stopping by your blog is such a sweet moment in my day. Thanks, Melissa!

Ros Crawford

Awww! How very sweet! I just know your little one will pull him through ... he couldn't have a better nurse ... love your card too!

Mary Mac

I don't know which is sweeter.

Troy Louise

What fun for a little girl to have her own horse to love. I'm sure he will receive plenty of tender loving care at your place. Your card is the "berry sweetest" too. Hugs.

Danielle Flanders

Your card is gorgeous and love the sweet pony pics! How fun to be able to take care of him. My girls would LOVE that too. The pics made me giggle! Thank you for choosing me as inspiration! xo :)

Elaine Allen

Melis -

Cisco is so handsome. It must be something to see him together with Sierra. They must look so adorable, I just picture them with their heads together. I hope you've taken photos of the two of them? Of course you have - LOL! I also love your card, it is so darn sweet!

Elaine Allen

Shannon Finch

What a cutie Cisco is! I love your blog and don't comment very often but had the time today. Thanks for all the wonderful creations you share - you are such an inspiration. I would love to see a pic of Sierra holding her cat up to the horse - sounds adorable!

Patty O'Malley

I think Cisco will be back to good health soon with all the love he'll get at your home! The card is so pretty and perfect for this time of year.

Gabriela Divine

Hey Seesco - et's went! You're probably way too young to remember that line, but I couldn't resist. He's adorable and so very lucky to have ended up with you for his convalescence!

Nicole H.

Cisco looks and sounds like a sweetheart!! So beautiful the way your daughter and he have bonded too--a true blessing for all of you!! Super cute card too!! Hugs, Nicole


Oh, he's PRECIOUS! I had such a vivid image when I was reading your description of Sierra visiting him in the morning - she sounds like such an incredibly sweet soul <3

maria f.

Congratulations on your new addition. What a lucky girl. What a lucky horse!

Pamela A

Congrats on the new addition to the household - lucky horse to have such a loving family that includes a sweet little girl. Thank you for all you share - it does my heart good to open your site and see a new addition. As I have said before - LOVE your work, you are so talented and lucky us that you give and give.
Hugs to all (includes Cisco)!

Carolyn R.

I think that Cisco is one lucky horse! He couldn't have landed in a better stable. Your lil' bean will take good care of him. She is so sweet! And your card is sweet, too. I ordered the strawberry set the day it came out. I can't wait to get my hands on it... you can sign me up for strawberry patch rehab as well ;)


What a lucky horse Cisco is to have a sweet little girl nursing him back to health! Love your card - have been debating on buying it or not - the stamp set, that is!! LOL


Awwww, do you have room for one more?... I'm kinda a broken down old gal myself and you and Sierra sound a little like Heaven on earth! Your card is so sweet, but then I think "sweet" is your style!
You made my day with your sweet story!
Crafty Hugs,

Kathie V

That is such a sweet story! I can just see Sierra holding up her cat to the horse & introducing them, How Cute!!

Karen Zaccagnini

What a beautiful story! Although I don't know you, your work and your stories just portray you as a very sweet lady! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!


Love love that card!! The paper combo and those "sweet" strawberries are so delightful!! It makes me smile :) Your little Cisco is a real cutie, always a wonderful thing for our kids to have those sweet friendships with the critters. Teaches them such compassion and makes memories for a lifetime. I remember when my daughter was out riding her horse and found a crippled sheep in a field and brought it all the way home for me to fix!

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