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July 21, 2012


Mary Beth

These are sweet, simple and the various textures, and love that they can be any theme they need to be. Thanks so much!

Gerri K

Such a pretty card set!! The colors are great together. Thank you! Your creattions are always Beautiful!!

Carol Ann Ater

I have the symphony papers and this will be a definite make. Thank you for all your hard work.


Just beautiful! & I'm fascinated that you use liquid glue! Would you mind sharing which glue you use? I was so impressed with it's ease of use & flexible time frame for adding the leaves, etc. I always thought liquid glue would "ripple" the paper! I love learning tips from the experts :)

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Thanks for the excellent tutorial. I gave it a thumbs up at Bumbzee and I digg it.

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A uh, a higher-res image of his painting? thanks.

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I can appreciate the attempt of an artist to engage with social networking and new media. When I first saw this blurb (on Facebook) I became excited because I thought I'd be seeing an artist really using the tools and actual medium of social networking as raw materials for art.

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