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July 25, 2012


Patty O'Malley

Oh Melis, these cards are gorgeous! There's something about glitter! It's wonderful your little girl has learned to ride. I tried a couple of times and just couldn't do it. Have a wonderful day. I'll be sure to check out your brother's blog.

laura huffman

love your creations. the pin cushions are gorgeous. went to your brothers blog, and checked out your sister in laws dance store too... good to have family to support and boost each other. good for you. thanks.

jan m

Gorgeous!! You have been so busy and creative, I try to check in every day, and I am pleasantly surprised by all the multiple posts!

liz droege

oh my melissa he is a beauty, there is something so wonderful and almost mystical about horses they just possess a mystical beauty and are so very loving...i just heart them...i'm so glad i live in a racing city and see there magic every least this cold climate has a brief wonderful 6 love love your cards today that pink is amazing, always amazed with your work...lizzi

Danielle Flanders

Beautiful projects! We used to have horses when I was little, about 5 years old. My parents said they would look out the window and see me in the pasture petting them from behind, and they would be so scared that I would get kicked, so they didn't want to run out and get me and in turn scare the horses. I was never hurt though! Sierra is a lucky girl to be able to experience that! Horses are magical, aren't they!

sharon wheet

Melissa, I just LOVE reading your blog. Your warmth and generosity shines thru your words.
Relish your short break in chores!
hugs, sharon w.

Susan Tethal

Loved your post today, THANKS!


These are precious Melissa! Love the tiny ruler and glittery frame!


My heart breaks for scot and hi family and l.oved ones. It's difficult time o thm. Prayers that God guide them.

Renee VanEpps

Awww, pretty horsey!!! LOVE the cards, Maya Road has the most delicious trinkets!

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