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August 24, 2012


Katrina Turner

Thank you Melissa!!! Your words always seem to inspire and strike a cord with me. Yes I too suffer from this, I'm my own worst critic, worst enemy and like you so rightly say it's not good for us. I too see so much good in others and always feel inferior! Always beating myself up for not being good enough, giving enough, not measuring up. I set myself impossible goals, which are ridiculous to achieve with only so many hours in the day, then beat myself up when I don't achieve them, what is this about, it was impossible in the first place, it's like I set myself up to fail so I can not like myself!!!! Why can't I be happy with what I do give and achieve. I suppose in another way always striving to be better is a good quality but we also need to be satisfied that when we just do ok, it's ok!! Perfection is hard to achieve after all is anyone perfect?! Thank you so much for making me realise that I'm not alone with feeling like this. I've not been 100% health wise lately which has made me feel tired and in return a little low in mood. This has given me a kick up the behind too.

You are such a lovely sweet and talented individual Melissa and most definitely should not feel like this, you are definitely up their with the people I would aspire to be more like, in the crafting domain but more importantly in everyday life, in person.

We do need to stop this as I'm sure we have a lot of love to give and could spare a little for ourselves! I did read a book called The Secret a little while back and this helped me to think positive and really did make a big difference. I think I may dust it off!

Beautiful cards as always, I too love fall, my most favourite time of year, our wedding anniversary and birthdays are in the fall too, so it's always extra special.

Sending you a virtual hug and a whole heap of respect.

Katrina x

Patty O'Malley

Lovely cards, Melis! I am so ready for the fall and winter. I'm not a summer person; in fact, it seems to bring me down. I definitely perk up during the other seasons. I love the coziness of fall and winter.

I feel exactly like you. For some reason, I have never felt good enough. I'm very shy and have a hard time fitting in with people I don't know. And sometimes even with people I know. I guess that's where the inadequacy kicks in again. I had a scare five years ago when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had to have the gland removed. I tend to be a worrier, and this did not help. Any thing out of the ordinary healthwise, scares me to death. And I know worrying about something does not help, but easier said than done. There is a woman who has written some wonderful inspirational books and has a weekly syndicated column that appears in our local newspaper every Friday. She has great insight and wisdom which makes me feel good; but as the week goes on, I tend to forget it. Her name is Catherine Galass-Vigorito.

I find so much peace and happiness when crafting or making comfort foods. I don't know why we are so hard on ourselves. I find great inspiration in your blog. You make the most beautiful things and have such a kind soul. You are a blessing to all who know you.


Just what I NEEDED today.. seeing your BEAUTIFUL creations and reading your words of WISDOM!! Wishing I knew WHY I am so hard on me somedays!.. I always tell my kiddos to not say negative things.. we would never ever say them to our friends/family so why is it ok we tell them to ourselves.. Just the kick in the behind I needed to read!! THANKS! Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!


Ohh and I do a wee bit of both.. squeeze on to every last minute of summer and time with my kiddos but think of all the FUN fall will hold! :) Ok going now! ;) Happy Weekend!


Melissa, you inspire me all the time with your creativity and your words of love for your family. I sure hope you know how you inspire so many of us! Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.



It always amazes me when someone like you; talented, successful, generous etc. talks this way.
Do you ever look at your blog? Just opening your page makes me feel good, even before I read anything.
Thank you for sharing with all of us, you are very appreciated.
Have a great weekend.

Carolyn R.

I absolutely love fall, too. I like to savor each season when it's here but find myself anticipating the next one right toward the end. Especially fall. :) There is just something so magical to be about that season; I can't explain why I like it so much.

As far as your struggle goes, I think that lots of people deal with this issue. I find myself surprised when someone who is so talented and sweet and kind like yourself has this battle as well. This is my bit of advice and take it for whatever you think it's worth. God loves us and accepts us just where we are. He wants us to grow and move forward but that doesn't change how much he loves us. So when I start to feel like my own worst enemy, I have to remember that if God can accept me with "failures" and extend his grace towards me then who am I to not be able to do the same?
Big hugs to you. Have a great weekend!

Carolyn R.

PS. Simple Stories is quickly becoming my favorite! Their style, colors and quality are a great combo. :)


oh my melissa i have those feelings all the time...just not good enough or worthy enough, if only...from reading your blog and gazing at your work you are an amazing mom, talented artist,and you seem to have a wonderful blessed and we are so blessed to be able to open our laptops and explore your world...hoping you realize many of us feel brighter each day from just a single visit to lilybean's...thank you....


melissa, i love this blog post and it is just what i needed to read this evening. i struggle as well and honestly, i set my standards for myself so high that there is no conceivable way i could manage to live up to my own expectations and when i do not, i feel miserable. i think i will do as carolyn r. said and turn to my Bible for comfort because, as she says, God loves and accepts us flaws and all. you are so very talented and giving that i (selfishly) feel a bit of relief to know that you have similar feelings as i do though i do not, in any way, wish those feelings on you.

as for autumn...i have been noticing the autumn scent in the air and it just makes me happy. i, too, am an autumn girl and though summer makes me happy because my wee boy is home with me, i love autumn best.

Mama Shopping Bear

Dear Melissa, let me first say you truly are an inspiration and blessing even if its hard for you to see. You are correct though that many of us have the same tainted view of ourselves. I'm personally struggling with this very thing right now as I've done some unpleasant things that do not support my spiritual upbringing and beliefs. I'm trying to forgive myself and start anew, and drill into my head that I'm not a bad person, but its definitely hard for me. I pray you find some peace in your heart.

Leah C.

Such beautiful cards. I too struggle with this so much of the time and wanted to share a little quote I felt God gave me one particularly hard day.

"A good day is not one empty of mistakes, but one full of forgiveness."

Accepting what Jesus did for us on the cross, His forgiveness of all the bad we are, frees us to love Him and be at peace with ourself because it's no longer ourself who lives in us, but Christ. I have found such a new joy and peace in much repentance and forgiving of my myself and I pray you will too! You are loved:)


My first reaction is, "Are you high?" but then I remember you are not my classmate, or friend persay, and I collect myself and thoughtfully type...

You are as God made you, and that is more than fine... it's perfect.

Rebecca Ednie

I wonder why that plagues you. Even at my worst, I still know my good qualities out weigh the bad ones and I hope you can accept that in yourself too. Especially since you inspire so many people with your work! And I love your style of writing; I relate so well and wish I could express myself as sweetly. And for your daughter to be so sweet, you must be a darn good mama and she is lucky to have you. Keep your chin up!

Linda Langes

I feel sad to think that you don't appreciate your own amazing self Melissa - that God created so beautifully. I hope you can embrace the positives and kick those negatives to the curb when they creep back in. So others can love you, you need to first love yourself:-)I am lucky to have a very positive thinking husband and whenever I get a bit pessimistic he kicks my butt (not literally lol)- it's good for me! xL

Holly Saveur

Melis I know so well how you feel are not alone!

YOU are loved...YOU have a special purpose, YOU are unique, and wonderful, and special to so many!
YOU inspire so many!

Hugs Holly.

Becky Garrison

Melissa, I don't know your personal beliefs, and don't need to know them, but I want to tell you what I do when that happens to me ... and it does often! I repeat this to myself, and now I don't have to do it nearly as often because it finally took root in my head and in my heart ...

I am a child of a loving and faithful God! A heavenly Father who created me in HIS image, and I am fearfully and wonderfully made! He loves me beyond measure, and will never, ever NOT love me ... even when I mess up! Maybe even ESPECIALLY when I mess up! His love is wider than the sky and deeper than the deepest ocean. I am loved, and I am blessed.

Also, I have learned that perfection is impossible, and doing my best is not only enough ... it is PLENTY! God does not expect perfection, only our best efforts.

I hope these words help. Bless you, Becky

Renee VanEpps

Wish I knew the words to help you, I go through the same thing all the time & I don't know why :( I wanted to say that I really LOVE these cards, the way you use canvas and felt is so inspiring! I finally got a Big Shot so now I need to buy some pretty dies and felt to get to work making all the things you've inspired me to make over the years! Hugs to you!!

Iley Burkett

I feel your pain and want to suggest a wonderful book. Beth Moores "So Long Insecurity".It's a must read for everyone. Hope you look into it and keep making us happy with your crafting.


I would take one of your beautiful, love-filled cards and address it to yourself, and then while strolling back from the mailbox, read and enjoy how creative, thoughtful and loving you are. Know it and affirm it, and give yourself a hug. You really are the best.

Nancy Dynes

Hi Melissa,
Each day I look forward to a visit to your blog to admire your beautiful creations. I think my favorite aspect of your blog is your openess and willingness to share your vulnerability and fears. I struggle with self doubt and esteem issues as well. I don't have any answers. I know it seems much easier to recognize goodness and worth in others as opposed to ourselves.
Your art is a reflection of the beauty that resides within you. Your art is sweet, lovely, and inspirational--JUST LIKE YOU!
Thank you again for all you share here. You are a treasure and I'm honored to be one of your readers.


I, too, struggle with feelings of doubt and low self esteem. I was raised in an era when it was not considered good parenting to praise your child for fear that she would get a "big head". Then I married a man who does not offer praise very often. So I know where you are coming from. I try to bask in the glow of compliments I do get from friends and co-workers and not worry that I might become vain. I can tell you is that I LOVE your blog and projects. Your blog is the first one I head to when I log into the PTI website! You are so talented! And you are a beautiful woman! So whenever you feel down on yourself just remember that there are lots of people who read your blog and love and appreciate you even though you have never met us! Take care and have a great weekend!


Most of us struggle with self doubt, some of us feel it deeply. Your courage to express it is half the battle. Just remember, so many of us become inspired by your beautiful creativity, something that is a gift. I wish you peace of mind, and the opportunity to give yourself a pat on the back! Sometimes, justly or not, we are given more chances to make others feel good, than we are given powers to feel good about ourselves. I hope your spirits are uplifted by our comments.

Kristen Carpinello

I was surprised to read your post today, Melissa. As someone who follows your blog regularly, it seems like you are being so hard on yourself.

Your posts communicate a complete, pure love and adoration of your daughter, a sincere appreciation for your life, and the fulfillment from the simple things that make you happy (like baking). It is truly admirable. I often wish I could be more like you when I read your blog.

We all have our shortcomings, but you are a wonderful, sweet, talented woman with many gifts. I hope you can see yourself as I see you ( and probably many others who read your blog), and give yourself grace.

Read back through your posts. Only someone very loving and very special could write them. And only someone with real, God-given talent could create the works of art that you do.

I hope come to a place of peace with yourself. Take care!


I am so amazed to hear you say things like that when you can easily see that you are a beautiful person, inside and out.
You inspire so many people with all your wonderful cards, that you can see are made with alot of love. You are such a good mother, the things you write about your daughter are so loving and heartfelt, she's a lucky little girl to have you for her mother. As a mother of two girls I always have Mom guilt too, I have those days when I feel like a complete failure, but then I go to bed and the next day I just tell myself I'll try to do better today. You just have to block those negative feelings from your mind. You have amazing talents and you share those with so many readers who love your blog and look forward to it just like I do.
Your a wonderful person, belive it, it is true!!!!

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