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September 01, 2012



a wreath for all seasons is one of my absolute favourites as well and i love what you have done with it!


This has always been one of my favorite sets too. Thank you so much for including the steps on how you made these. As soon as i saw your first tag i knew i wanted to recreate them. Simply divine!


Oh I likey like ;0) lovely work as always xx


Gorgeous as always. Love the color combos.

maria f.

These are so soft and lovely. So you! I just love your post about making your own chipboard and am on a roll at the moment. These lovely tags (those exquisite backgrounds) are just begging to be recreated!

Melisa Hunter

I would buy this stamp set just to make these fabulous tags. Love all the special details that you have added to them. True works of art!

Suzanne Russell

Great inspirations, Melissa! Thanks for sharing all the variations of colors and textures as well your unique techniques! Fabulous tags are something I love to make. :)

jan m

Love your distressing techniques, just awesome Melis!!

Judy F.

What a way to perk up my day! Just love, love, love your tags! Your choice of textures and elements are perfect. You always manage to get my brain cells're so inspirational! Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your weekend....

Nancy Guse

Oh... Melissa these are so yummy!!!


So darn cute! Thanks for sharing your process for making them. I always adore your tags and think I'll make some time from my holiday weekend to make a couple myself - inspired by your lovely work!

Patie Jns

WOW! Melissa, these are fantastic. I love these tags, so much texture and so much inspiration..thanks for sharing....hugs and smiles

Paula Barin

Did you say tarantula?!! How scary. I love these beautiful tags. I agree.... totally Melissa-ish. Thanks for the tutorial too.

JoAnn B.

Gorgeous tags. Love how each one is different.

Patty O'Malley

Happy September! We are already seeing the leaves start to drop around here. I have a deathly fear of spiders particularly large ones, so I would not like seeing tarantulas. Fortunately, for me, they're not common to this area. Anyway, on a much more happier thought, I love your tags. I think berry wreaths are so beautiful. Love what you made here! Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Bev LoPinto

Just love your tags--like everything you create--lovely, sweet and so pleasing to the eye. You r wonderful!


Love, love, love!!!!


WOW! So cute,cute,cute!!! Love the shabby feel and the precious little heart cut outs!
P?S. Did you say tarantula?!?!

janet wilson

Eeek, my heart skipped a beat when you mentioned the T :(

Magnificent tags, Melissa! Amazing detailing :)

Holly Saveur

Stunning..LOVE them will for sure try your question does the backside look..did you paint it too..or dress it up?

Would be so scared of the spiders you have around your in the Netherlands about 1 1/2 "is the biggest we have and those are more legs then body!

Carol R

Fabulous tags! I love each one and the color combinations are wonderful. Need to ask, what has fall and tarantulas have to do with each other? Is it migrating season for them?


Ooooo, these turned out so very pretty! Love the bright touches of felt on them and the gorgeous backgrounds, also!!

Lynn Darda

these are gorgeous and you have inspired me to ink up my wreath stamp again.

Heather D

Love the colors you used for your tags, very subtle fall, so pretty. Ugh, so nonchalant about the T (can't even type it) I'm afraid I'd run screaming like a little girl across my yard if I saw one and not go back out.


That is a set I always look at and never buy...I don't know why, but your tags are so drool worthy lol!!! I may have to break down :-) Thank you :-)

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