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November 15, 2012


Patty O'Malley

Love all these cards, of course! The stamps are just adorable (love the steam coming out of the cups)!

jan m

OMG! Your creativity abounds!! All the elements are so well coordinated, the embellishments are perfection, really do LOVE each and every one of these designs! But have to admit I have extra love for the old photo and the soup cards. Just lovely Melis!

Jeni Jenne

Melissa, I love you work. A true artist, I say! Could you pleas do a tutorial on how you tie your seam binding bows? Mine always look like big messy blobs:(

Linda in Aus

Melissa I have to say ditto to everything jeni above said. Love your release projects and a video please


I've said it before and I'll say it again...your new release projects are always my favs!! Thanks Melissa ;)

Leigh Penner

Gorgeous projects, as always, Melis! It's always such a treat and so inspiring visiting your blog!

Becky Green

OK!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE ALL of your VINTAGE GOODNESS!!!!!!!! VINTAGE IS MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOVE ALLLLLLLL OF YOUR PROJECTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was sighing quietly to myself as I scrolled through all your LOVELIES! Then when I got to the SOUP project,(which I'd fallen in love with anyway through this hop!) I FINALLY FELL OUT OF MY SEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ouch!) WHAT A WAY TO FINISH OFF THIS HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS TIMES TEN!!!!!!!!!!!! :)SO MANY GREAT PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Sweet, sweet, sweet retro style.


Melissa, as usual, I really enjoyed your post and capture such a soft,sweet,nostalgic, heart warming feeling in all of your work. I have a question for favorite pink card stock EVER is PTI sweet blush, and I'm wondering if the sweet blush pattern pack closely matches the card stock? Some of the previously released pattern packs do not match the card stock close enough for my taste. Thank you!

Holly Saveur

SO GORGEOUS and sweet Melis ...LOVE it so much all off are such an inspiration ...!


Beautiful cards Melis!!! Your projects are always amazing and mind blowing!! They are the best indeed!!! Thanks for always inspiring us!! :)


wow melissa! i can't tell you how much i love mother's homemade soup! love the vintage stitched touches - and those bowls! it's just so amazing!!


This vintage look is so incredible. All your designs are so amazing and I just can't say enough how much I love your designs.

Troy Louise

What a treat to see what you've done with the latest release. The cute flowers on the bowl is too cute. Love your button/dot card. Thanks so much!

Deb H

Love your work!

Kelly Schirmer

That soup card is TOO good! Like YUMMY good :) Such an adorable combination of products and the perfect Campbell color scheme :)!

janet wilson

What treat for sore eyes, lovely work :)

Linda L in Tennessee

Where's the Like button? I like all the comments and also love your creations.

Karen Letchworth

Melissa: Two things - First.....I blogged about you today. Were your ears ringing? Well, it's because i talked about you in my blog post.
Second, I knew immediately when I saw the sweet new PTI thread cards dies and stamps that i would HAVE to buy them. DARLING! I can't resist anything sewing related. Beautiful! Thanks for more inspiration. The list keeps growing. LOL
P.S. I prayed for your today (about the baby situation/future decisions/and the possibility of God doing something supernatural, which He certainly CAN still do. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for your creative support and inspiration!

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