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November 20, 2012



Melissa you never cease to amaze me. Shades of blue ( including aqua ) are my favorite and these cards.....My jaw hit the floor. Gorgeous! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving; I am thankful for the beuaty you share with us


These are so special Melissa. I love those old fashioned images and your pretty details! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

julie e

I don't have a recipe but I have a friend who makes a chocolate chip cheeseball she serves with graham crackers - it is amazing! I'm sure you could find a recipe online.


Oh my gosh, Melissa...I love these! Aqua & red...what could be better? I don't have a cheeseball recipe...but, now I'm hungry for one!

Kolleen moss

You just bless me everytime with your creations but especially when you use red and aqua! It's my very fave! It is drool worthy and these are amazing! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! God Bless!


SO pretty Melissa. Have a great holiday!

Patty O'Malley

Beautiful cards, Melis! I love that shabby aqua, too! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Troy Louise

The aqua sure makes your cards pop with fun color. Sorry I can't help with the cheese ball recipe. I've never been too good with appetizers. Hugs.

Alessandra Loiacono

Beautiful cards Melis!!! Love the color combo, you are amazing!!
I have never made cheese ball, but I found this one and it seems to be really easy and yummy:
You got to tell us about that smoked turkey, it sounds delicious!!


Love love LOVE these cards! I am SO in love with Aqua, Red and White this year... my tree is red and white, and I am sooo tempted to add some aqua to it!!

Anyway, enough about me... BEAUTIFUL projects, and I wish I had my mum's old cheeseball recipe, because it was delicious. Alas, I am no help :( Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Diane Hover

So the color fact I have a red & white tree, and this year decided to add Teal to it.....I couldn't think of one cheesball recipe as I have made most of mine from Tastefully Simple mixes....but I made a snowman one last year I saw on Pinterest and it was adorable, but I changed mine to easy, it is on my In The Kitchen Board Recipes I have tried if interested...but make sure you read what I did...have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Pearl Maple

That is a sweet color combination, happy thanksgiving to you and yours

Lisa V.

I love your beautiful, vintage cards and the wonderful colors that you selected. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Unfortunately, I take the lazy route when it comes to cheeseballs. I visit the cheese counter in a wonderful little store near my home. I hope that someone else can help with your search.


Came by for a bit of inspiration, you always work for me! Anyways I do make a feta ball around the holidays and as long as you like feta and garlic, it's a hit!

8 oz. cream cheese(softened)
8 oz. feta cheese
1 large clove of minced garlic

Mix together until well combined and form into a ball, chill a couple hours and roll in chopped scalllions. Serve with chopped tomatoes and chopped black olives.
Makes a pretty plate with the scallion covered feta ball in the middle and the tomatoes in a circle around it and then the black olives around the tomatoes. I serve it with rice crackers. You can use any kind of crunchy hard cracker. It's addicting!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!!!

Melissa Bove

Gorgeous cards Melissa!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family!


Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

Dang Melis - I'm just drooling over these Christmas cards!!! I am so in love with aqua too and all these with the beautiful aqua's, pinks, reds and whites are to die for. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Hugs… Tracy@CottonPickinCute


Hello Melis, happy thanksgiving, I am very grateful because I found you!, love your creatings and the love you share!. Many many thanks!, tell me the shabby aqua you say, is it from PTI? love how it looks!.
I bought some ink pads on ebay, 2008 edition, what about the reinkers, if i buy the new ones can i use with the old pads? and one came separated the foam from the plastic, any advice? Thanks a lot in advance, and again thanks a lot, a big hug from Mexico!!

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Gorgeous Christmas cards! I do love aqua, also! And the aqua you paired up with red looks so sweet! Love the vintage images and pretty ribbon used! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, hugs!


These are gorgeous, lovely work x



Lea Sorley

I may be a little late in commenting but do have a wonderful family favorite recipe for a cheeseball. While it's my husband's specialty as I've never made one myself, I thought I'd share the recipe. This is one that is sought after by my 2 grown kids, relatives and even co-workers request my husband make one for our annual Christmas party. Give it a try:
2 packages of cream cheese
shredded cheddar cheese (he just shreds and mixes till he gets his consistency he likes, no measurements here)
lemon juice (maybe 1-2 TBS)
a lot of green onions
worchestchire sauce
cayanne pepper to taste (he likes a bit of a kick)
We serve with crackers (Triscuits are his favorite) and I like it on a toasted bagel. Hope you enjoy!

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mahusay na impormasyon, llike ko ito napaka, salamat sa iyo.

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