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December 19, 2012



Stunning! May our Lord bless you and keep you, always. Merry Christmas!

Troy Louise

Thank you for your beautiful words & quote that are so fitting for the tragedy that touched us all last week. My heart aches for the many who were directly affected. May we all find a way to love and not harm one another. Your ornaments are so pretty. Cherish your time with your little one. Big Hugs.

laura huffman

always love viewing your creations. wishing you many joyous days through the Christmas season. praying for those families who have lost so much.

Patty O'Malley

I love those tree boxes as well as the ornament! Wished I snapped them up before someone else did! lol Love the words you shared today, also. This tragedy is just incomprehensible. Life can change so quickly in the blink of an eye.


I made a really similar popcorn the other day - just rolled in melted white chocolate, and dusted with a tiny pinch of salt and some sanding sugar... oh my WORD... deadly. And it took mere minutes, with my 4 year old's help!! If you make it, just don't eat any... you won't stop!

Gorgeous ornaments... what lucky recipients!!


so lovely projects


Beautiful!God Bless You...May you have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year...


You can always find just the right words from mr. Rogers. I'm grown woman and I have 5 sweet little books by and about mr. Rogers. I think we all hold our loved ones,big an mall, a little loser,as we should anyway.


Somehow you always find the words that express calm in the storm, light in the dark and goodness and strength in love and family. You are an amazing lady! Your Tree Boxes and ornaments are amazing too, these are truly lovely...wish I had your creative touch!
Holiday Hugs,

Kelly Schirmer

I saw that quote being shared on Facebook on Saturday morning and it helped me feel calmer in the face of such overwhelming grief and anxiety. Thank you for sharing it again on your well as your beautiful words and projects that put a smile on my face today :) Merry Christmas, Melissa!

M. Kim

Thanks for the quote - I plan on remembering it and using it when needed, like now with what happened at Sandy Hook. Your work is always beautiful - it brings me joy just looking at it! Merry Christmas!

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Hi Melissa, I just want you to know that your words and thoughts always just calm me down. I can almost hear you softly speak them,. You are an artist, but you are also a scribe. Wishing you a blessed Christmas and thank you for the respite.

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