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December 02, 2012



Very nice card! Love all the details--pink zipper ribbon, wow. That antiquey looking brooch, wow. Impressive kit also. :)


Forgot to add how much I LOVE the row of buttons. And ... that the tags are pretty, too. :)

Evgenia Petzer

so sweet!

Patty O'Malley

What a beautiful pocket and set! I love that flower!

jan m

Sweet row of tulle on your pocket, what a divine gift of pretty little tags! Sure to bring Joy!

Nora Anne

Your card is absolutely STUNNING!!! I love every little detail :)

Jan in Tucson

Melissa, I usually stop by your little corner of the world once a week or so during these crazy days of December. And before I forget, I want you to know how much I ADORE your beautiful paper art and that you are UNMATCHED by anyone! Have a BLESSED AND JOYOUS CHRISTMAS and THANK YOU for all your inspiration. Not only your cards and paper goodies but your sweet countenance! Under the same wing, Jan :)


This is sooooo beautiful :)
Love, love, love, love it!
Did i say i love it?
Yes? Oh...



mary anne

This is so pretty and whimsical. I really like how the gift/kit adds to the entire project. Your creations are always inspiring.

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