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January 13, 2013



Wow, Melissa, your projects are "above and beyond" beautiful. I always enjoy looking at your projects and reading your blog.

Donna M.

I'm speechless after seeing the gorgeous creations here. I love the use of the Delightful Doilies die with the clock face- unique & striking (I'd have never tho't of it). Love the stitched hearts, the vellum, & everything you do!!!

Mary Lou Kemp

If anyone was ever meant to be a designer it is you Melissa. Your projects are always a feast for the eyes. You always take things beyond the beyond! Thanks for sharing your talents. I just love all of todays.

Vanessa Menhorn

I so so love what you did, Melis!!! AMAZING!

jan m

Absolutely adore your layout!! Each and every element! And your last 2 cards were smashing!


I adore all of your projects!! Absolutely divine!!!

Leigh Penner

Beautiful projects, Melissa!

Nancy Penir

There must be some new words we all can come up with to serve you on a platter. These are jaw - droppin' gorgeous. Each one surpasses the one before! An yet the first is best?!?! Melissa, always saved for last to view, cuz I have to study each and every element!


Beautiful detailing :)

Diana K

Totally amazing! Never thought I would want these sets until I saw your projects.

Cyndy G

Your layout was amazing and your cards were stunning! Love everything you do!


Such beauties on display today, Melis! This set certainly suites your great style! :)


Gorgeous wedding did a beautiful job on all!!! SOLD!!!

Ruth G

You were very busy! You must love clocks as much as I do! Thanks so much for sharing all your projects as well as details for how you did them!

Holly Saveur

LOVE all!

Rhonda H

Love them all but appreciate you giving the rosie posie leaves new life. Thanks!!

Marcie Rhys

When I saw the clock sets, I immediately thought they would look good in a romantic style. Then I tried to imagine what I would do with those pieces. (At this point, you should insert crickets chirping in the background.)....Nothing.

So it was with great interest I visited the maven of romantic style. It's possible that this post is my all time favorite. There isn't one uninspired inch in all your wonderful samples.

The 'clock-flower' card is a creative marvel...down to the hands on the leaves. (And I love that you used the limited layers dies for the face.)

The last card is a study of value used perfectly. The brown is fabulous with the 'soft stone' and other lighter hues - not combinations I would have even hazarded to try. The small flowers and stitched hearts are inspired placeholders along with the numerals.

Thank you for taking the time to share all these glorious samples. Missing one of them would have been a loss of creative inspiration most sad.


It's all so pretty! I love your creativity! It's so soft!!

Sharyn Polesel

I love the new set and your cards are beautiful. I love the soft colors and the romantic feel of the cards.

Susan Gosman

I'm glad I do not have to pick a favorite because all of yor work is very, very special!

Linda M

I just love everything you have done.
Love the subtleness of the colors and images.

Betty Sue

You always amaze me with your projects!! They are fabulous!!


Truly amazing!

Elizabeth S.

Your projects are always so beautiful!

Linda L in Tennessee

I try to visit your blog every day and today I thought my brain would explode; such creativity! Love your vintage shabby style. You have a gift and thank you for sharing it with us.

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