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January 24, 2013


Elizabeth S.

These are beautiful! I just love your shabby chic style.

Troy Louise

Such pretty, pretty things. Love both. Thanks for the blog tip. Enjoy your rainy day - it only made the snow turn to ice here. My puppy loves sliding on it, so it is fun.

jan m

So love the houses Melis!

laura huffman

love your art. shabby speaks to me too. just got an amazing stash from my mother in law= lace, material, buttons. making quilts right now. glad you can get out and enjoy the weather.

Patty O'Malley

I love both these projects, Melis! I feel the same way about shabby--can't get enough of it. Something about it makes me feel content. We are in a definite bit of an artic blast after temperatures in the 50s last week. May get a bit of snow tomorrow. I hope so!

Lynne W

Absolutely gorgeous projects!! Love your work, you make it look so easy!!

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It is raining here in Greece too Melissa!All day long.Absolutely love the first card.Awsome


Oh, SO beautiful!! You are in your element with these kinds of projects, and it shows! :)

You sound like my hubby with the rain... I want sunshine every day, and he wants grey and rainy! ;)


Just one word; lovely........

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