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February 04, 2013



Dear Pepper! Sierra will give him lots of love to win him round

Diane H

Gorgeous projects and colors....and Pepper is handsome as well....a great idea to make cards now, as it seems I have all these lovley Christmas things, and never have time to use them...thanks for the link to the challenge

laura huffman

self affirmation, keep doing it. believe it, live it. love coming here to see your creativity at work. amazing and so wonderful. let it sink in, it's true. you wouldn't have people coming here if it wasn't worth their while. happy Monday and enjoy this beautiful journey of life.


Awww sweet Mr.Pepper, I had a cat named pepper when I was a little girl. Sierra will bring him around, I'm sure of it! Love this sweet collection today Melissa. My fav is the first tag with the stripey bow...SWEETNESS! I was so happy to see you on the team at Festive Friday, you know I'm a fan of yours ;)


Love your cards.They are always such pretty colours and bring me joy.
As for keeping up with others.... it wasn't until I turned 50 that I stopped worrying about what others thought or trying to be like them (especially those models in the magazines). Even though we've never met, I can tell you are a lovely person by the way you speak of your family and faith. Just look at all the wonderful comments you receive on your blog!!

Jo R.

Wow, your quote really hit home to me this morning. Life is such a crazy rush sometimes (most of the time) and I need to let go of expectations that I place on myself and be more content and grateful for what I have. Thanks. And I couldn't go without commenting on your lovely collection of goodness. That "Hiya" tag is perfect. Such delicious colours!

Arielle Berceau

Melissa, you make any paper collection look incredible. Can't imagine you trying to keep up with anyone, in the paper crafting world atleast, everyone is trying to be like you. You are the Queen of shabby chic and inspire me everyday. Wish I was even a quarter as good as you :)

Diana Waite


Patty O'Malley

Beautiful card, Melis! Love those sweet buttons. Festive Friday sounds like just what I need. I promised myself to make at least one card a month for the holidays so I wouldn't be so far behind when they get here. Guess what--I haven't made one yet. Will need to check that blog out.

Patty O'Malley

Back again. When I click on your Festive Friday link, it brings me to Emma's Paperie.


Amen to this Melissa.I m really looking forward to the day that i won t feel the need to prove something to myself!

Cindy Otto

I always get your posts a day late, but hope you get to read this. I just love your art, but more importantly, your positive attitude and lovely thoughts. The quote was so inspirational. Thanks for starting MY day on a positive note!


Oh, I LOVE that quote. I needed that today!

Your AC cards are so bright and cheerful, they make me crave summer. It amazes me how you can take products that are so seemingly NOT the shabby style you love, and yet you make them work so perfectly to suit your tastes. I always find that inspiring.

And I hope you know just how glad I am that you're working with us at FF - I am sure I've said it enough, but if I haven't, THANK YOU!!

Freckled Fawn

i love all these creations ever so much. hope you are doing well!


Yes i do love your cards but from this post the story is my favorite part. Being here is not only about staring(..) at your cards but the story of yourself and your life. I always enjoy reading them and again...learning something here. Just for myself. Love that quote. I guess we all have doubts about who we are and what we want. But just as you wrote...being ourselves is enough. Thnk you for sharing..

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