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April 30, 2013


Patty O'Malley

What a beautiful card, Melis! I love that inspiration photo, too. I have a red wooden footstool that was my Dad's as a little boy and I treasure it. I had to smile reading about how your daughter is so outgoing and you are shy and timid and content in your own little world because I, too, am exactly that way and my son I so outgoing. I envy his ease of mixing with people and activities because it has always been somewhat painful for me to do. I am so glad he is the way he is.


Melissa your card oozes summer from every corner, love it to bits!


LOVE this one... but there isn't anything on your blog that I don't love :)

Oh, I would love to have that chair in my garden :) I am so anxious for summer too!

Jill Norwood

Beautiful card Melissa! That red wooden chair speaks to me. I had one like it that finally wore out and fell apart last year. I grabbed a can of spray paint and promptly painted my metal garden table the same shade as I missed my "pop" of red on my backyard patio. Red is such a fun color and it just makes me happy! Thanks for sharing! :)


Looking at your card makes me feel happy. It really does look like Summer! It's the summer I remember as a child, perfectly free and enjoying the outdoors.


Fab card! Great colors, mix of patterned papers, lovely flowers, everything is so pleasing to the eye! Great chair and those vegies look sooo good. Don't have a garden anymore. I look forward to the farm stands opening, selling their produce, flowers and plants. :)

Karen L

While at an antique store a few weeks ago, I found that very same chair...all beat up and needing a home. It's painted a robin's egg blue, and was only $15. I snatched it up and ran with it! LOVE the red as well.

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