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May 13, 2013


Marcia Hill

Everyone of these cards is a gem...LOVE them! Thanks so much for sharing your talents...I just love your blog as it always makes me smile! :0)

Kathy H

Seriously, I was all set to choose to like just one! I love all of your cards, Melis. You are an amazing card designer:)

Kelly Schirmer

Oh MY, you have outdone yourself, Melissa! I really love every single one but...I adore that little card with the duck and basket of eggs. So creative and charming! Reminds me of a favorite book I used to read the girls called "Duck on a Bike" (what else? :) Oh and that Christmas card...a sweet vintage dream. Makes me think of when Ralphie runs down the stairs in A Christmas Story!!

Marcie Rhys

ALL of these cards are fantastic! They are all chic in a way, but perfectly homey too. I love that you pared down the embellishments a bit to help the bike image shine. Yours are the samples that say, "You must own this set!".

Leigh Penner

Oh, wow, these are all so fabulous, Melis! I'm getting this set for sure! My daughter is very excited about the puppy that's included in this set!

Karen Ramsey

I was still on the fence about whether or not I needed this set, UNTIL I saw your wonderful cards! Each and every one is a true work of art and could even go into a frame. I especially love the one for your daughter, she will love it!! Beautiful job!

Rhonda H

What gorgeous cards Mels! So many wonderful possibilities that you make look so easy. True art!


I totally love all of your projects! You are amazing Melissa!!

Carrie :)

Ah, Melissa, you are so talented. I love your combination of new with old, and your ability to combine papers and fabric, trims, and all other things pretty! Thanks for sharing. :)

Nancy Penir

Melissa, you showcase a stamp's versatility to the max. In love with each precious detail on each card. Well done, lady!

Cindy Otto

Melissa, your card samples just sell PTI products! I love, love, love your work. Now, I'm going to have to buy the bicycle set!


What beautiful projects!!! You totally convinced me on this stamp set and die. It's a must have. Love the Christmas one. Thanks so much for the inspiration.


Wow! Your artistic gift really shines in these beauties, as does your tender heart. PTI is so very lucky to have you on their team. A stamp set is very little until it is revealed through the eyes and hands of someone like you. I totally love what you share with us. Thank you.

Tara Chaussee

Gorgeous cards! Especially live the farm bicycle! The eggs and duck are so sweet.


Such great cards! The colors and papers used all go together so well. And the buttons on some of wheels - too cute!

Diana K

Oh Melissa! And that's all that I have to say!


WOW! Such an amazing collection of cards featuring that awesome bicycle! Gorgeous cards!

Cristina Card after card. You rocked this set, Melis.

Susan Gosman

Woooooo Hoooooo! What lovely cards. Your attention to detail always floors me.

Mendi Yoshikawa

Wow! You single handedly sold me on this set. All your cards are so creative and simply amazing. I think I pinned them all. ;)

Luanne Ford

Oh my these are fabulous! I love all these wonderful cards!


This entire post is amazing!!Every card is more fantastic than the last!! The time and effort you put into these cards and post is so much appreciated! Your attention to the little details is what sets your cards apart from everyone else's out there. You are AMAZINGLY talented and thanks so much for sharing it with us!!


Love all of your cards but especially the Christmas one. I like how you popped the tab on the tag up over the top and I like that file tab on the side. I agree, you need a puppy in the basket. Especially a cute puppy. Thanks so much.


Until I came to your post, I thought that Pedal Pusher is a charming set but one that I would not use enough to buy. After looking at your cards and immediately thinking of a recipient for each one, I've changed my mind about how often I would use the set. I'm not sure if I should thank you or curse you. (Truly, just kidding!) And I agree with Kelly, you've outdone even yourself, Melis.

Barbara S

These are fabulous cards, and you did such a great job showing the versatility of this set! Love the buttons and embellishments on each card!

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