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June 10, 2013


linda in nc

What a great find.

Patty O'Malley

What a perfect treasure you found for yourself and how beautifully you decorated it. It must have been a thrill to come across it as well as the pretty flower.

jan m

WOW, I have the same memory of my mother, making matching dresses for me and my doll! What a treasure!

Katie Sims

I am such an admirer of your beautiful, heartfelt work! You just have that magic touch...everything of yours is gorgeous and speaks to my vintage loving heart! :)

Ivana Camdzic

Oh, Melissa! What a beautiful little treasure this is, and how perfectly you have decorated it! My heart pitter-patters at all of your beautiful vintage creations! It has been a while since I last visited, and I am so glad I have a few minutes today to enjoy my coffee while browsing through your beautiful work! Can't think of a more perfect, rainy afternoon activity :)

Troy Louise

That's so yummy. And, what a sweet story. I loved sifting through my Mom's button box while she sewed. And, she was so patient when we sewed for Barbie with many of her good fabrics. My grandmother also made some wonderful Barbie clothes that I wish I still had. Thanks for reminding me of the memories. Hugs.

Jo R.

Hi Melissa, your lovely sewing box and story reminded me of my childhood. My Mum made clothes for my Barbies, and was so patient when I needed her help to manage the tiny buttons! (Obviously before the days of velcro)! Those clothes were also played with by my daughter who has now sadly passed the Barbie age. Thanks for rekindling some wonderful memories! I think I might do a layout and include some of those clothes with the stories.

Lisa Dolson

Oh, what a sweet little treat I find today when I stopped by! So darling! And such sweet memories you'll have with this too.

Your last few posts are the most precious cards too! I'm always in awe of all your tiny, sweet details that you place on your cards. Sigh. :)


What a great little tin box and fab flower! I adore boxes and drawers so I love it. All of the details you added, i.e. the white seamstress washi tape, buttons, wooden heart ... look perfectly placed. Neat story about your Mom's sewing tin. My Mom did some mending but no garment sewing. In her sewing tin, she kept spools of thread, needles, thimbles, snaps, safety pins, bits and pieces of fabric from clothes she mended, etc. She still has that box and I smile every time I come across it. :) Funny thing is ... before it became her sewing tin, it was where she stashed the Oreos. Heehee! (FYI- In the humid midwest, once you open a pkg of dry food, like cookies or crackers, they tend to go stale or get "soft" rather quickly. Many people transfer them to plastic containers or tins to preserve freshness.)

Dianne Fike

What a gorgeous recipe box. I always love to look at your samples.

Jan Marcham

Beautiful altered sewing tin! Love everything you create, as you know :-)

sharon wheet

what a fantastic tin! and I love how you added bits and pieces.

Toni Storie

Love this! So precious!

Becky Green

I remember those days of going through a tin of sewing things too!!!! :) BUT, I remember my mom had someone knit my Barbie clothes! (My mom worked) AND I've knitted my daughter some Barbie clothes too! :) Which she LOVES! She even has my FIRST "Barbie," MIDGE! (Barbie's friend!) I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your little TIN!!!!!!! :) It's "DOLLED" UP WONDERFULLY!!!!!!!! ;)


SWOON! Love the way you've dressed this up Melissa!!

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