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July 08, 2013


Patty O'Malley

Oh my gosh! This is such a beautiful idea! Love the envelope as well as the card.


So sweet, always. :)


Love it. Delectably sweet!


Who needs a card when the envelope is this beautiful?!
Love it!

Donna K

What a beautiful project. I'm so inspired to make the envelope as lovely as the card - especially for special friends. thanks


I love anything with bees on it-guess it's that French thing, lol. Postage embellishments are always a fav-you hit all of it-you always inspire us!


this is such a wonderful project i LOVE it! Thank you for the tutorial. I so want to get those stamps now!

Wanda M.

Cute envelope. I like to dress up my envelopes. It just adds to the card and everyone seems to like it. Love the stamp and postage lines???


Absolutely gorgeous!! WOW!!

Larissa Heskett :)

Such a FUN Make it Monday!! ;) I LOVE the idea and your Beautiful Design!! Thanks for the Awesome tutorial video and have a Fabulous Week!! N;)


I wish that I could have played along with this MIM. I really enjoyed your video, Melis.

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