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August 13, 2013


Patty O'Malley

Beautiful projects again, Melis! I love your coffee cozy. I'm not a coffee drinker either, but this can be adapted to anything.


Oh Melis, this is just perfect. I love coffee but never use those containers, love to be sitting down with my tea or coffee. Mind you, I'd make an exception for your creation ;-) love all your details and now that you mention it, a cosy for a can or bottle of Coca Cola....mmm red, dots, warm, cosy......I had to stop and check in on you before I head to work, now I'm happy, thank you.

Holly Saveur

very sweet..........

Linda Nicholson

Cherry Coke drinker here so this would be right up my alley! On a particularly cold day, maybesome Hibiscus Tea. I just love your cozy MMelissa! All the soft pretty details...that little lace flower cut with the Ruby Rose dies? Swoon! Gorgeous projects one and all!


Jennifer K

Lovely projects! Love that you used the tea cup die instead on your tag. I really need to buy that one! :)

Cindy H.

Love your beautiful coffee cozy, card and sweet tag!

Grace So

I have no words to discribe these cards and cozy set . They are beautiful. I love your ideas.

Beatriz Jennings

Ja! I just create a few cards with tea cups...

Alice Golden

This is absolutely darling Melissa... what a beautiful gift!

Marjorie Penley

Love the Latte Love card. I would put a tea bag behind the cup as I don't drink coffee. Great designing.


This is so sweet!! I love your take on this!!

Troy Louise

I think your cozy is too pretty for a messy coffee drink! As always, your projects are fabulous. Your quilting is adorable. Just the right size to try a bit of quilting! Thanks & big hugs.


Melissa - your cozy is my favorite! I love the quilted look of it. You have such an attention to detail - makes all your projects and cards fabulous! I don't drink coffee either, but I sure am going to make one of these for my diet cokes! :)

Betty  B.

Love your Latte Love designs of the cozy and card!


So sweet! If I received a gift like this I would feel so loved! Where did you find the sweet little wings? Thanks for all you do.


Melissa, you are just so awesome in your card creations! Your style is so unique, unlike anyone else's!


I am a pop drinker too - no coffee here.

Oh, how I love your cozy. I am just amazed at how you made this so signature Melissa. It's so beautiful!


Oh! Your coffee cozy is awesome! Thanks for the inspiration!


Love the quilted love look, gal after my heart!

Lori Aragon

Spectacular Melissa!!! LOVE!!!

Larissa Heskett. ;)

OMG!! Too cute for words Melissa!! Love everything about it and I'm a pop girl too, so I agree we need them for our pop cans too!! Thanks for sharing and have a Fabulous Week!! ;)


WONDERFUL cozy! LOVE all the oh-so-pretty details! I don't drink coffee but three-quarters of the people I know, do. What a great gift this would make. And really, you could use a cozy for any beverage you buy. TFS :)

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