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August 15, 2013


Marcie Rhys

Where do you find the time to make such detailed and lush cards?! I'd be happy if I could make one as complex in a week or two.

I'm going to guess how you did the 'blessings' card. Looks like you stamped the image in lightly stamped-off kraft ink (or is that the highly textured watercolor paper?). If that's the case, how did you use watercolors on the image without blurring the dye ink? The look is fabulous, but I can't figure out how you managed it.

Thanks again for sharing your awesome talent with us!

Cecilia Hsieh

Gorgeous cards! My favourites are the basket of blessings and Mums the word!


Yowza! Gorgeous!

jan m

I heart your Wonderful Words card today! Always so hard to choose a fav! :)

Cecilia Hsieh

Gorgeous cards! I love the basket of blessings and Mums the word stamp sets!

Patty O'Malley

Wow! Look at all these beautiful cards! I love the basket of flowers and your water coloring. Perhaps you can share sometime how you colored it.


Absolutely beautiful! Each and every project is perfect in every way! Thanks for the inspiration!


You always have such lovely projects - and they astound me every time. I'm not certain how you can envision it the way you do, but your combinations are so amazing. Love the tag with the fall elegance - you've re-inspired me to put that one on my list! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!


Beautiful, just beautiful!!!

Holly Saveur


Grace So

Love how you take time with all the little details. They are beautiful cards. Thank you for the ideal. So much talent.

Troy Louise

All so pretty & fun! Love your little squirrel w/the blue tail. We have a little squirrel hiding out in our rock retaining wall. They are so fun to watch. Can't wait to try out some of these new sets. I do love fall. Thanks!

Becky Green

OH MY GOODNESS MELISSA!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MUST HAVE BEEN WORKING LATE INTO THE NIGHT with ALLLLLL OF THESE!!!!!!!!!:) WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO MANY GORGEOUS CREATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)DON'T make me choose just one!!!!:) LOOOOOOOOOVE THEM ALLL!!!!!!:)


Melis, Melis, stunning works of art again today. I decided that I would leave the basket set for another time until I saw your basket. Oh my giddy aunt, love, love what you this will have to come home to me.


Melissa, could you mention where you found that darling paper on the Boo card? (black with clocks) ...I am in love with it. <3


...Never mind, I just saw it on your list, (the paper on the Boo card) sorry, how embarrassing!

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