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August 24, 2013



Adorable! I loved how the salt stands out a bit like little berries.


so beautiful!!

What a unique look! I love how deep and vibrant the color turned out to be using your approach, Melissa!

Patty O'Malley

This is so pretty! I didn't realize the stamp-a-faire was all day.

Marcie Rhys

Soooo, the Polka Dot Parade #6 is where that great little flower die is from. It's already in my cart because you have made me realize I can't live without it. (See what a profound effect you have on us?)

Your projects, all of them for today, are really exceptional - even by your standards, and that's saying some. I've learned a great deal about what makes richly detailed cards work from this blog. Well, it's more like I've seen the best, rather than being able to create that look! I'd love to see a video of you talking about your creative process; you know, like the one Betsy did on picking coordinated papers to work with. But before you make that video, you should have a nice long nap!


This is so very amazing Melissa dear. I'm getting ready to try it myself. Taking a bit of a different spin. I hope it works.


What a gorgeous card Melissa, love as always all your details and little pieces of loveliness scattered around. Those colours are beautiful, gorgeous Autumn shades and tones.


This card is so lovely! I wouldn't think the salt would stay in tact. It gives a wonderful texture to the card.

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