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September 04, 2013



And I was adopted when I was just 3 years old, and now I have two teenagers myself!
I can sooo relate to your story!
Thanks for sharing and I wish all of you a blessed birthday celebration and many, many happy return of the day.
Sorry for my bad English. :-)
Bye from the Netherlands,


ps. I almost forgot, your card is gorgeous as always and I loved the pics!


Happy Birthday Sierra! She is a very lucky girl and I hope she knows that she is very much cherished by you. Gorgeous card as always!

Rea Custer

Adorable card and Happy Birthday Sierra.

Patty O'Malley

Happy Birthday, Sierra! I can't believe how big she is getting! Yes, there are times when we want to pull our hair but they bring so much joy. I love this Christmas card--sheer perfection!

Troy Louise

Darling interpretation of the challenge, which is the cutest picture. Happy big 10th birthday to Sierra. She is growing into such a wonderful young lady. You are to be commended for being such a great Mama! Have a wonderful day.

kolleen moss

Card is beautiful as always. Love hearing about your bean and how precious she is. We are expecting our 3rd grandchild in February and I am hoping fir a girl. A rarity in our family but I hope. A boy is fine but I so crave a girl. Hearing about yours makes me want one even more. Continue to cherish her as I know you do. TFS!


First, those are the cutest boots EVER.

More importantly... Happy Birthday Sierra! I can see a change in her - she's looking older and less like a child (so sorry, my friend, how mean of me to say so). Again, you've reminded me of how important it is to try and really cherish my time with my children, since not everyone is lucky enough to go through the journey of parenthood. I think of you and this new journey often, and hope that it's going to bring a new chapter to you soon! <3


Belated birthday wishes to the little bean :-) love the look of intense concentration and the glasses down the nose! I wear glasses too and just loved that the photo caught it all, when we're just too busy having fun to push our glasses back up, mind you, she looks very competent with that hammer ;-)

Love your new blog header too, thought first I had wandered somewhere else.....



Holly Saveur

HAPPY HAPPY 10th Birthday to you Sierra!
Love the photo's!
Love the boots too!

 Debbie Nelson

Happy Birthday, Sierra! I can hardly believe she is ten! I have always enjoyed your posts about her and am always inspired by all your cards!


Happy 10th Birthday to your precious, cowboy boot clad Sierra! She is beautiful and it is apparent that the love you have for her is infinite. Blessings to you all. :) Nice poinsettia holiday card. Like the colors and all the trims and details.

Leigh Penner

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter, Melis! My Sage turns nine in a couple of weeks, and I can relate to the joy you feel in loving your daughter!
Your card is lovely, too, as always!


HAPPY Birthday to your BEAUTIFUL Girl!! and of course your card is LOVELY!! So ready to bust out the Holiday crafty supplies!!! I may have to give this challenge a try! This mama has some craft time coming up! :)
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Renee V.

Awww, Happy B-Day to your little one! Love your pretty card!

Larissa Heskett. ;)

OMG!! Loving your card first off and Happy Birthday to that SWEET Little Lady!! Thanks for sharing and I hope your week/ weekend is filled with much Happiness and Joy!! ;)


Ten!?!? Really? I can't believe it. Happy birthday lil lady.

Time seems to drag for me, but some where along the timeline I lost a few years, because in my mind I thought your daughter was six. Great, I'm losing my mind, and I haven't even finished high school yet.

Mary Lou Kemp

Oh speak the language of love so well. I can hear how much you love Sierra in your words. Your daughter is such a cutie pie and yes I believe you when you say she has grown up right before your eyes. I feel the same about my two children and they are adults. Now I am watching my grandchildren do the same thing...oh moves to fast for me.


What a beautiful Christmas card. Thank you for sharing your amazing cards. Kids grow up so darn fast. Ten is a fun age. Tom boys are toughter girls, nothing wrong with that. =D


So precious! What a loving post regarding your daughter! Happy 10th birthday to her! They certainly do grow up way too fast. My son will be 26 yr. old next Sunday...whew...time flies!

Anne Hartschlag

What a beautiful tribute to your little girl. It touched my heart. I am a great grandmother and we have tons of girls in our family. I had three girls and one boy. What is even more beautiful after the hair pulling days is as they grow older and have families of their own they become closer to you and are not only our precious daughters but our closest friends. A belated happy birthday to Sierra.

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