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December 11, 2013


Dana Kirby

So cute! You are always so full of inspiration!
Let me see if I can do this...
Mat Stack 6
Holly Jolly Die
Limitless Layer Curcle

Merry Christmas!

Natalie Winterstein

I love your stress relivers! :) I am doing fairly well - I am done with my Christmas cards (yay!), need to pick up three gift cards, otherwise I am done shopping! That leaves, baking, cooking and wrapping. So not Bad. My guess at the dies used are Mat Stack 6 and Holly Jolly. :)

Carrie T

My stress level isn't too bad, but of course, next week may be a different story! I love your Santa! He's so cute and you are so talented! My guess for the dies are Mat Stack 6, Limitless Layers Circle, and Holly Jolly dies. Thanks so much for the chance!

Margaret S. Romero

I think the 3 dies used are: Mat Stack 6,
Holly Jolly die, and Limitless Layers Circle! Felt less stress after I figured out this one!! LOL!! Thanks and Happy Holidays to you and your family!


I love your little Santa bag! I caught Mat Stack 6 right away, and the Holly Jolly holly mustache (very clever). That left his sweet face to be made from Limitless Layers (smaller) Circle. How fun!

jan m

Had my annual tag and cookie exchange with a fabulous group of women, who are also tremendous paper crafters, earlier tonight! Many of us used to work at the local scrapbook store. Your sweet Santa gift bag would be perfect for some homemade goodness! Did you use Limitless Layers, Holly Jolly and Mat Stack dies? Creativity abounds on your blog! Love coming to visit!


Melissa, how clever to use the mat stack 6 for your oh-so-cute Santa's face shape! The holly mustache is priceless. Love his sparkly nose and tiny heart eyes, too. He really is adorable! The circle face, holly, leaves and hearts (whichever two are from dies) are found in numerous sets so I'm not sure which dies you actually used. TFS this darling project. I can't imagine Coke and chocolate covered cherries in quantity. I got a belly ache reading it. Hee! I guess whatever works, huh? :)

Christine Dearinger

Mat stack six,holly jolly and limited layers circle.I am not sure where you found your little hearts but will look through my dies and find it for a similar project when I unpack my dies.Would you believe that we are moving house on December 22nd?Nearly packed and ready to go!

Jill Norwood

Melissa this is so clever and charming! I love how you used the dies!!!
The holly mustache and beard is my favorite part!
Mat stack 6; LL circles, and holly jolly dies!

Donna M.

Adorable!!! I saw the Mat Stack 6 quickly, then the Holly Jolly mustache (so cute), & the limitless layers circle die face. I love this! The little heart eyes are so sweet. I just want to replicate each & everything you make!

Nancy Penir

OK, where's my clever crown? You win! Love the Mat Stack beard.
Only one way to relieve stress, Git 'er done!

Christine Nixon

I think you used Mat Stack 6 for the shape, the Seed Packet Frame for his face and the Holly Jolly die for his mustache. I thought the leaves were from Sending You but not sure. Those are my guesses. Good luck to all!

Teresa Currie

Fun job, Melissa!! I can't imagine you being intimated by any project, but it is nice to know that there is hope for the rest of us!! I love how you just "dug in" and did it.
Did you use the Mat Stack 6 die, the Holly Jolly die and the Limitless Circles die?
I am heading out now to get my box of cherry chocolates!!

Karyle B

Awwww how cute. I think the dies you used are....the Holly Jolly die, Limitless Circles die and the Mat Stack 6 die. I can't imagine anything that would intimidate you, you are so talented. You did an amazing job, Santa is just too cute. Thank you for making me look at my dies totally different.

Patty O'Malley

Adorable little bag, Melis! I'm guessing you used Mat Stack 6, Limitless Layers Circle and Holly Jolly dies. I'm trying my best not to get stressed but I think I'm not being successful! However, we're taking a short trip to Cape May, NJ, to enjoy their Victorian Christmas celebrations. With a covering of snow this year, it will be extra beautiful!

Marcia Hill

Oh Melissa...SO SO cute! I really like how you used the Holly Jolly die for his mustache and am definitely going to have to try that! The Mat Stack 6 for his head and one of the smaller circles from the Limitless Circles dies for his face are what I'm guessing you used to complete this adorable Santa face. And my stress level is doing much better now that I'm finishing up a few of my projects and getting my baking started. Enjoy those chocolate mother in law LOVED those! I'm into Mint hot chocolate right now! :0)


This is SO clever! It's awesome Melissa!

Beth M

Oh my, this Santa is so darn cute! Love how you used non-traditional dies to create him. I believe the three dies used are Mat Stack 6, Limitless Layers Circle, and Holly Jolly dies. Thanks so much for sharing him and for a change to win a little care package.


So so so cute. Absolutly inspired. The dies I think you used for this project are: mat stack 6, limitless layers circle, holly jolly dies and tremendous tags. Beautiful job Melissa!

Claudia L.

I absolutely love your Santa! I think you used the Mat a Stack 6, LL Citcle and the Holly Jolly die. Thanks for the chance to win!
Have a Happy and Healthy Holidays!

Deb D.

So very adorable and clever. I get so many great ideas for using dies in a different way. I'm thinking Mat Stack 6, Holly Jolly and Limitless Layers Circles.

Lillian O.

Melis, I absolutely love your Santa! I think you used Mat Stack 6, Holly Jolly and Limitless Layers Circles dies. Do you mind if I copy and make a few of my own? Have a very blessed Christmas and thank you for all of the inspirations and sweet words.

Jean R-T

Great Santa sack! I think you used Mat Stack 6, Holly Jolly, and Limitless Layers Circles dies. Your work certainly does not look as if you're stressed, by the way.

Holly Saveur

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!Maybe I should drink Coke too and eat cherry chocolates...I am in need of a whole lot of energy...feels like I can't be pushed forward...only made 5 Xmas cards now...!!Need 80!Luckily I have about 30 left from last year...
so the three dies ...well they are:
Mat Stack 6 die
Holly Jolly Die B
Limitless layers Circles 1 3/4" the plain circle die A
hugs Holly.

Carol b

A vary charming Santa . How clever to use Mat Stack Six, Holly Jolly, and Limitless Layers dies to create him.
Carol b (Cln crs)

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